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Wheeled Floor Brush Tool Head for VAX POWA 4000 5130 6131 Vacuum Cleaner


Wheeled Floor Brush Tool Head for VAX POWA 4000 5130 6131 Vacuum Cleaner

Superior quality floor tool fits VAX vacuum cleaners with 32mm & 35mm pipes, Stainless steel base plate, with retractable brushes, you can use this tool on both carpets and hard flooring. 

35mm to 32mm Adapter Included

Compatible / Genuine: Compatible

Compatible with Part Number(s): 7253830

Fits Models:
Vax 2000 4000 5000 6000 7000 SERIES
3-in-1 Multivax 6131T, Astrata V-064, 101, Centrix Pet C90-CX-P-A 121, 3-in-1 Multivax Scent of Summer 6131TO, Astrata V-064TB, DryVax V-100T, 2000, 4000, C88-VC-P-S, Essentials Pet VEC-02, 2000W Bagless Cylinder C88-CX-H, 5000, C90-EL-B-C, Essentials Pet VEC-102, 20-019, 5100, Cadence V-094, Essentials Pet VEC-105, 3-in-1 Multifunction 6121, 5130, Cadence V-094TH, Essentials VEC-01, 3-in-1 Multifunction 6121C, 5140, Car Vax 6135, Essentials VEC-03, Pet 3-in-1 Multifunction 6130, Astrata C90-AS-B-AS, Centrix 2 Pet C90-CX2-P-A, Essentials VEC-04, 3-in-1 Multifunction 6131, Astrata II V-095, Centrix 3 C89-CX3-B-A, Essentials VEC-101, 3-in-1 Multifunction 6131BLS, Astrata Pet VAC-02, Centrix C90-CX-B-A, Essentials VEC-11, Essentials VEC-21, Mach 1 Complete C90-M1-C, Mach 4 Pet C91-M4-P, Magnum Cyclonic C91-MC-B-T, Essentials VEC-31, Mach 1 Pet C90-M1-P-A, Mach 4 Stairs C91-M4-S, Maxima 2200 C91-MX-B-C, Essentials VEC-41, Mach 1 Pet VZL-7011P, Mach 5 All Terrain C91-M5-AT-A, Midi PowerMax VRS11P, Essentials VEW-01, Mach 1 Stairs VZL-7011S, Mach 5 Complete C90-M5-C, Midi PowerMax VRS11S, Family Vax 6155, Mach 1 VZL-7011A, Mach 7 Pet VZL-7017P, Mojo Plus C91-MJ-B-P, Force 10 Super Power V-091SP, Mach 2 Pet VZL-7022P, Mach Compact VZL-7061, Mojo V-002, Luna 1300, Mach 2 VZL-7022, Mach Compact VZL-7062, Mojo VS-02M, Luna 1400, Mach 2 VZL-7022HF, Mach Midi C90-MM-B-IR, Multivax 6121T, Mach 1 All Terrain VZL-7011AT, Mach 3 Complete/Allergy C91-M3-G-A, Mach Zen C91-MZ-B, Multivax SpinScrub 6151T, Mach 1 C90-M1-B, Mach 3 Powerhead C91-M3-F, Mach Zen Pet C91-MZ-P, Performance 2200T V-091TB, Performance C91-PF1-B-T, Performance V-091C ,Power 6 Pet U90-P6-P, Remo Classic VS-077, Performance C91-PF2-B-T, Performance V-091X, Power Midi 2 C89-PM2-B, Selections VS-03, Performance Complete VZL-704, Pet Vax 6140, Power Midi C90-PM-B, Sorrento V-009, Performance Floor Command V-091FC, Pet Vax 6141, Power Midi Scent of Summer C90-PM-O, Swift Bagged Cylinder V-075.