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Washing Machine Rubber Boot DOOR SEAL GASKET for LG 4986ER1003A WD WM Series

LG WD, WM Series Door Boot Gasket Seal

Fits Models:
WD10131F,  WD10150FB,  WD1056FB,  WD1065FD,  WD1066FD,  WD1074FB,  WD1076FB,  WD1095FB,  WD11120FB,  WD1174FB, WD1176FB,  WD1190FB,  WD12120FB,  WD12120FD,  WD12121FD,  WD12230FB,  WD12235FB,  WD1265FD,  WD1271FB,  WD13120FB, WD13150FB,  WD1370FHB,  WD1390FB,  WD1390FHB,  WD14110FD,  WD14115FD,  WD14120FD,  WD14125FD,  WD14126FD,  WD1480F, WD1480FD,  WD1480FHD,  WD1481FD,  WD16100FD,  WD16101FD,  WD16115FD,  WD65130F,  WD6590FB,  WD80130F,  WDA1601FD, WDB1601FD,  WM10130F,  WM10240F,  WM1080FHD,  WM1085FHD,  WM1090FHB,  WM1095FHB,  WM11150FB,  WM11155FB, WM1171FHB,  WM1175FHB,  WM1176FHB,  WM12230FB,  WM12235FB,  WM1260FHD,  WM1265FHD,  WM1280FHD,  WM1285, WM1285FHD,  WM1290FHB,  WM1295FHB,  WM13150FB,  WM13155FB,  WM1371FHB,  WM1376FHB,  WM1460FHD,  WM1460FHD, WM1465FHD,  WM1480FHD,  WM1485FHD,  WM16100FD,  WM16105FD,  WM16110FD,  WM16115FD,  WM3201FHD,  WM3203FHD

This is a high quality compatible, alternative product. 
It is designed to provide a cost effective working solution 
to the genuine original equivalent,
offering you a substantial cost saving against the original part. 

All manufacturers’ names and numbers are used for reference purposes only.

bartyspares are a long-established UK based family owned & run business .
Established in 1966 ,
All orders are dispatched the same working day, 
Via Royal Mail Tracked delivery.

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