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Voss Electrolux AEG Zanussi Faure Fan Oven Motor 3370673091 3890813045

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Compatible / Genuine: Compatible 

Compatible with Part Number(s): 3890813045

Fits Models:-

ZCV664MX, ZCV664MW, ZCE663NW, ZCV6602MW, ZCV6601MWC, ZCV6601MXC, ZCE6601MW, ZCV6601MW, ZCV6601MX, ZCV6603MW, ZCV6603MX

47056VS-MN, 47036IU-MN, 47056VS-WN, 40006VS-WN, 4705RVS-WN, 4705RVS-MN, 4705PVS-MN, 47056IU-WN, 47056IU-MN, 347056V-MN, 347056V-WN, 40107VE-WN, 42116VE-WN, 41116IE-WN, 30006VL-WN, 40006VS-MN

EKD60254W, EKD60255X, EKD60252W, EKC6430AOW, EKC6450COS, EKC6450BOX, FHH6886-GK, EKC6450AOX, EKI6450AOX, EKC6450AOW, EKS6030AOW, EKC6150AOW, EKC6150AOX, EKC6430AOX, EKC6030BOW, E6831-4-A R05, EBGL2, EBGL2.1, EBGL3.1ZXM, EBGL3ZXM, EBSL60SAL, EBSL60SCN, EHL2-4E, EIKM6047XN, EK6164W1, EK6167W1, EK6463W1, EK6466N1, EK6466W1, EK6489W1, EK6591N1 M.P ELEC., EK6761W1 M.PYRO VI, EKC5544K, EKC5544W, EKC5545X, EKC6044K, EKC6044W, EKC6045X, EKC6046K, EKC6046W, EKC6047X, EKC6049X, EKC63004W 60P, EKC63304W 60P, EKC63307X 61P, EKC63314W 60P, EKC63314X 60P, EKC6650W, EKC6650-W, EKC6651W, EKC6651-W, EKC6652X, EKC6652-X, EKC6654X R05, EKE63004W R07, EKE6650-W, EKE6654W R05, EKM6044WN, EKM6045XN, EKM6047XN, EKT6045X, EOB 3610 K ELUX EUR, EOB 3610 W ELUX EUR, EOB 3610 X ELUX EUR, EOB 3610X ELUX NORD, EOB 3612R ELUX ITALY, EOB 4612L ELUX ITALY, EOB 4612P ELUX ITALY, EOB 4612S ELUX ITALY, EOB 5620 W ELUX NOR, EOB 5620 X ELUX NOR, EOB 5632K ELUX ITALY, EOB 5632W ELUX ITALY, EOB 5632X ELUX ITALY, EOB 5665R ELUX ITALY, EOB 6620 K ELUX NOR, EOB 6620 W ELUX NOR, EOB 6620 X ELUX NOR, EOB 6625W ELUX NORD, EOB 6625X ELUX NORD, EOB 6635K ELUX ITALY, EOB 6635X ELUX ITALY, EOB 946 K, EOB 946 W, EOB 946 X, EOB 946I K, EOB 946IX, EOB 973 IL-K, EOB 973 IL-W, EOB 973 IL-X, EOB 974X, EOB 975K, EOB 975W, EOB 975X, EOB30000W EU ENV0, EOB30000X EU ENV0, EOB31000X EU ENV0, EOB31001W EU ENV0, EOB31001X EU ENV0, EOB31001X SEA/CHINA, EOB32100K EU ENV06, EOB32100W EU ENV06, EOB32100X EU ENV06, EOB33000W EU ENV06, EOB33000X EU ENV06, EOB33100K EU ENV06, EOB33100W EU ENV06, EOB33100X EU ENV06, EOB33300W EU ENV06, EOB33300X EU ENV06, EOB3610W ELUX ASIA, EOB3610W RO5 ELUX, EOB3610X ELUX ASIA