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Vacuum Cleaner Sanitiser Deodoriser Disinfectant Cleaning Kit Remove Odours

Universal Vacuum Cleaner Sanitiser Deodoriser Disinfectant Cleaning Kit  

Did you notice an odd smell coming from your vacuum? The unpleasant odours can cause concern, making you want to vacuum even less. Then you’re stuck with a stinky vacuum and a dirty home.

Vacuum cleaners need some regular maintenance to prevent dirt build-up. Luckily, a stinky vacuum can smell fresh again with our Sanitiser Cleaning Kit

 Eliminate vacuum cleaner smells so your whole home feels welcoming.

We would recommend changing the filters and the Dust Bag (if fitted) 
at the same time as you use the cleaning kit

Just put your model in our ebay shop search or send us a message and we will identify the correct parts  for your model 

The Kit Contains 

Disinfectant Odour Control Sanitiser Spray For 
 Vacuum Cleaners 250ml

Designed to keep your vacuum clean and fresh
Safe and effective disinfection and odour control for your vacuum cleaner.
250 ml Spray bottle

Two Coral Microfibre Pads

Super absorbent microfibre pads to effortlessly clean. High absorbency and coral design for a larger cleaning surface and better efficiency.

Five Air Freshener Pellets 

Air freshener sticks with Pink Flower Fresh Scent
just place into your dust bin or with the exhaust filter and the freshener stick gets to work straight away, releasing fragrance into the airflow and out of the machine to breathe freshness into your home without overpowering it
Refreshing and long lasting Pink Flower Fresh Scent scented fragrance

Why Does My Vacuum Smell Bad?

Understanding where it comes from is critical to better remove and prevent a foul smell. Here are the four leading causes.

Believe it or not, your pet might be responsible for the bad smell. Pet hair and dander smell bad, and when you vacuum, the odours get inside your device.

Pet urine can also add an extra stench. Although you’re unlikely to vacuum your pet urine directly, the liquid can stick to pet hair and dust. Then, once vacuumed, the combination of dried urine and pet hair creates a recipe for musty smells.

If you don’t own a pet, you’re unfortunately not exempt from smelly vacuums.

Mold particles can be found in vacuum bags and filters . 
Left unattended, this leads to foul odours.

Mold needs humidity and moisture to grow . 
Vacuuming a wet carpet could bring these particles inside your device, 
taking the smell to the next level.

Your vacuum belt can also be the root cause. The belt is made of rubber, and its rotation allows the brush to roll, capturing hair and other dirt.

Vacuum brushes should be cleaned regularly. Without proper maintenance, hair stuck within the bristles may prevent the brush from rotating correctly, damaging the rubber. The belt can also get caught on the brush as well.

Stretched and overused belts produce an easily recognizable,
 burning plastic smell.

Dust never comes alone. When you’re vacuuming, other pieces of debris join the ride. So, whether you’re catching dried food or used coffee grinds, they all can contribute to a strong-smelling vacuum.

Letting too much dust accumulate in your dust bag or dust bin will eventually impact the health of your vacuum.

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