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UNIVERSAL Washing Machine & Dishwasher Long Cold 3.5m Fill Water & Drain Hose Extension Pipe


Extra Long 3.5m fill hose plus long 2.5 m drain hose extension for all makes of washing machine / washer dryer & dishwasher

This kit will give you more room to position your appliance exactly where you want it, whilst ensuring your pipes are not overstretched or damaging the connections on your appliance.

The 3.5 Metre Fill Hose should be long enough for most installations without the need to connect two mains pressure hoses together so less chance of a leak The 2.5 Metre extension Drain hose fits on to your existing hose to give an extra 2.5m of length, no need to remove the rear cover over the washer, making it simple to fit.

Kit contains:
1 x 3.5m Extra Long Cold Water Inlet Fill hose  
1 x 2.5m Drain Hose Extension, Hook and Clip Kit
(1 x 18mm Diameter End, 1 x 22mm Diameter End)

Fits Models: Universal; Designed to fit the vast majority of all makes and models of Washing machine / washer dryer.

Please inspect gallery images and measurements before purchase.

Note: The fill hose may be Blue or Grey depending upon supply.

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