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Universal Fridge Odour Absorber by Hotpoint™ Deodoriser Neutralise Fridge Smell Odour Freshener


Are foul smells in your fridge making your kitchen life difficult? Are you looking for a simple way to solve the problem? Well, look no further than the Fridge Odour Absorber by Hotpoint™!

Now you can keep your fridge clean and fresh with this quality deodoriser that has been designed to sit on your fridge shelf.

  • Natural extracts recognised for their deodorising properties prevent cross-contamination of food flavours, protecting the taste of food.

  • Contains active carbons to effectively absorb and neutralise unpleasant odours from strong-smelling foods such as fish, cheese, onion and garlic. 

  • It will soon help you neutralise the strong and unpleasant odours produced from stored food, leaving your kitchen as a peaceful environment once again.

Compatible / Genuine: Genuine 

Genuine Part Number(s):  C00091059

Fits Models: Universal - Fits all fridges, simply place on the shelf

Lasts approximately 3 months. Replace once the gel has run out. Save money on your order by subscribing to repeat order. We recommend every 3 months. Click above check-out to choose this option. 

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