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UNIVERSAL Dishwasher Long Cold 3.5m Fill Water & Drain Hose Extension Pipe Hose

Extra Long 3.5m Fill Hose and Long 2.5m Drain Hose Extension for all Makes of Dishwasher
- This kit will give you more room to position your appliance exactly where you want it, whilst ensuring your pipes are not overstretched or damaging the connections on your appliance.
- The 3.5 Metre Fill Hose should be long enough for most installations 
without the need to connect two mains pressure hoses together 
so less chance of a leak

- The 2.5 metre extension Drain hose fits on to your existing hose to give an extra 2.5m
of length. No need to remove the rear cover over the washer; making it simple to fit.
Please note: Fill hose may be blue or grey depending upon supply

Kit contains:
1 x 3.5m Extra Long Cold Water Inlet Fill hose
1 x 2.5m Drain Hose Extension, Hook and Clip Kit
(1 x 18mm Diameter End, 1 x 22mm Diameter End)

Fits Models:
Designed to fit the vast majority of all makes and models of Dishwasher.
Please inspect gallery images and measurements before purchase

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