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Two Drive Belts for PANASONIC Upright Vacuum Cleaners


Two Drive Belts for PANASONIC 

Compatible / Genuine: Compatible

Compatible with Part Number(s): BLT060 , PPP116

Fits Models: MCE464, MCE465, MCE467, MCE468, MCE469
MCE41, MCE41N, MCE42, MCE42N, MCE43, MCE43N, MCE44, MCE45, MCE450, MCE450UK, MCE451, MCE451UK, MCE452, MCE452UK, MCE453, MCE453UK, MCE454, MCE455, MCE455UK, MCE456, MCE456UK, MCE457, MCE457UK, MCE458, MCE459, MCE46, MCE460, MCE461, MCE463, MCE464, MCE465, MCE467, MCE468, MCE469, MCE47, MCE470, MCE470E, MCE471, MCE472, MCE472E, MCE480, MCE481, MCE53, MCE530, MCE54, MCE540, MCE55, MCE553, MCE553UK, MCE554, MCE555, MCE560, MCE560K, MCE561, MCE561K, MCE562, MCE562K, MCE563, MCE564, MCE566, MCE567, MCE568, MCE569, MCE590, MCE591, MCE593, MCE654

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