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Smeg Main Oven Cooker Door Seal Gasket Rubber UK60MFX1 - A1, UK60MFX1, WE800MF

Compatible Smeg 60cm Multi-Model Fitting Oven Door Gasket Seal
Replaces Part Number 754130519


A2-5, A2AD, A2C-5, A4-5, A5-5, ALFA30, ALFA30V, ALFA30X, ALFA50X, CS20NL, DO67CAS, S300XS302X, S350X, S340, S350X-1, S360, S370-1, S370, S380X-1, S380X, S398X, S500-1, S500, SA10MFX1, SA210NE, SA210EB, SA210X, SA210X-1, SA395X SA398X, SA440X, SA440AGG, SC100, SC100EBO, SC100NE, SC100SG, SC100EBO, SC110NE, SC110PZ, SE95X, SE101X, SE106X, SE106X-1, SE108X, SE206EB-1, SE206EB, SE206GB, SE206NE-1, SE206NE, SE206X-1, SE206X, SE210EB-1, SE210NE-1, SE210X-1, SE210X, SE210X-5, SE320-1, SE320EB-1, SE320X, SE330EB 1, SE335BL-5, SE335SS, SE360, SE360EB, SE360X, SE360C, SE365MFEB, SE375MF-5, SE378MF-5, SE378MFB-5, SE378MFX5, SE380X-1, SE380X, SE392MF-1, SE392MF, SE392MFB1, SE398X 1 V2, SE398X-1, SE398X, SE500XMF, SE650MF, SE650MF1, SE783MF-2, SE783MFB2, SE783MFV2, SE784MF, SI800MF, SI800MFA, SI800MFEB, SI800MFP, SM800MF, SM800MFEB, SP680MFA, SP680MFG, SP680MFP, SP711B, SP711W, SP731B, SP731W, SP751MFB, SP751MFW, SP800G, SP7800A, SP7800P, SP9000B, SP8000W, SP9000X, SUK60MFX - A, SUK62MFX5, SUK65MF, SUK160MCF - MB - V, UK60MFX-A, UK60MFX1 - A1, UK60MFX1, WE800MF

This is a high quality compatible, alternative product. 
It is designed to provide a cost effective working solution 
to the genuine original equivalent, 
offering you a substantial cost saving against the original part. 

All manufacturers’ names and numbers are used for reference purposes only.

bartyspares are a long-established UK based family owned & run business 
Established in 1966 .
All orders are dispatched the same working day, 
Via Royal Mail Tracked delivery.

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