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SMEG Genuine Top Grill Oven Cooker Door Seal Rubber Gasket 300mm x 240mm


Genuine Smeg Top Oven Door Seal

Size 300mm x 240MM

Part No 754131176

To Fit

Smeg Oven & Cooker

A2, A21X-5, A21X-6, A2-2, A2-5, A2-6, A2A, A2A-2, A2A-5, A2A-6, A2AD, A2AD-5, A2BL-6, A2C-5, A2C-6, A2D, A2D-5, A2D-6, A2DA-6, A2EA, A2PY-6, A2RW-6, A2WH-6, CS20, CS20-5, CS20-6, CS20FB, CS20FB-2, CS20FB-5, CS20FB-6, CS20FBA-5, CS20FBA-6, CS20NL, CS20NL-5, CS20NL-6, CS20NLA, CS20NLA-5, CS20NLA-6, CSA20, CSP20-6, CSP20NL-6