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Screw In Glass Lamp Lens Cover Removal Tool & Light Bulb for Bosch Oven Cooker

Screw Fit Glass Light Lamp Cover with Removal Tool & Bulb
for BOSCH Oven / Cookers

Kit Contains:
1 x Heavy duty, heat resistant (up to 300°c) Lamp Cover
1 x Removal Tool, makes removal of lamp cover easier, 
simply turn Anti-Clockwise to loose or turn Clockwise to tighten
1 x 40W ses E14 High Temperature oven Lamp / Bulb 

Lamp Cover Diameter: 63mm

Fits Models:
B1421NOGB/01, HBA13B251B/01, HBA13B251B/10, HBA13B253B/01, 
HBA13B253B/02, HBA13B261B/01, HBA43B250B/01, HBA43B251B/01,
 HBA43B260B/01, HBA43R150B/01, HBA53B520B/01, HBA53B550B/01,
HBA58B650B/01, HBM13B150B/01, HBM13B160B/01, HBM13B160B/08, 
HBM13B251B/01, HBM13B251B/08, HBM43B250B/01, HBM43B250B/08, 
HBM43B260B/01, HBM43B260B/08, HBM43B260B/35, HBM43B260B/45, 
HBM56B550B/01, HBM56B550B/08, HBN131520B/01, HBN131520B/03,
 HBN131520B/04, HBN131521B/01, HBN131521B/02, HBN131550B/01,
 HBN131550B/02, HBN1315510B/01, HBN131551B/01, HBN131551B/02,
 HBN131560B/01, HBN131560B/02, HBN131560B/03, HBN131561B/01,
 HBN131561B/02, HBN136551B/02, HBN13B221B/01, HBN13B251B/01, 
HBN13B261B/01, HBN13M220B/01, HBN13M250B/01, HBN13M250B/03,
 HBN13M250B/10, HBN13M260B/01, HBN13M260B/03, HBN13M521B/01, 
HBN13M550B/01, HBN13M550B/03, HBN13M551B/01, HBN13M551B/10, 
HBN13M560B/03, HBN13M561B/10, HBN13N520B/01, HBN13N520B/03,
 HBN13N521B/01, HBN13N521B/10, HBN13N550B/01, HBN13N550B/03, 
HBN215V/01, HBN2600/02, HBN2601/02, HBN2620/02, HBN2621/02,
 HBN2650/02, HBN2651/02, HBN3220GB/01, HBN3250GB/06, HBN331S0B/45,
 HBN331S0B/46, HBN3500GB/01, HBN3500GB/02, HBN3520GB/01, 
HBN3550GB/01, HBN3550GB/02, HBN3560GB/01, HBN3650GB/01,
 HBN3660GB/01, HBN410AGB/01, HBN410AGB/02, HBN412AGB/02, 
HBN430520A/01, HBN430520A/02, HBN430520B/01, HBN430520B/02, 
HBN430520B/03, HBN430521B/01, HBN430550B/01, HBN430550B/02, 
HBN430551B/01, HBN430560B/01, HBN430560B/02, HBN430560B/03, 
HBN430561B/01, HBN430570B/02, HBN4320GB/01, HBN4320GB/02, 
HBN4320GB01, HBN4350GB/01, HBN4350GB/02, HBN4360GB/01, 
HBN4360GB/02, HBN436551B/01, HBN43B250B/01, HBN43B260B/01,
 HBN43L550B/01, HBN43L550B/02, HBN43L551B/01, HBN43L570B/01, 
HBN43M520B/01, HBN43M550B/01, HBN43M550B/03, HBN43M551B/01,
 HBN43M551B/10, HBN43M560B/01, HBN43M561B/01, HBN43M561B/10, 
HBN43N520B/01, HBN43N550B/03, HBN43N551B/01, HBN43N551B/10,
BN4650GB/02, HBN4950GB/01, HBN49S0GB/01, HBN560520B/01,
 HBN560520B/02, HBN560550B/01, HBN560550B/02, HBN560550B/03, 
HBN560551B/01, HBN560570B/02, HBN560B/01, HBN56M550B/01, HBN56M550B/03, HBN56M551B/01, HBN56M551B/10, HBN56M560B/01, HBN56M560B/03, HBN56M561B/10, HBN580650B/01, HBN580651B/01, HBN580660B/01, HBN9121GB/06, HBN9151GB/06, HBN9153GB/05, HBN9161GB/06, HBN9300GB/01, HBN9350GB/06, HBN9360GB/05, HBN9360GB/06, HBN9362GB/01, HEN205TGB, U1422N0GB, U1461WOHB01, u1421n0gb

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