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PANASONIC Microwave 345mm Turntable Glass Plate

Quality replacement glass 345mm turntable plate for your  microwave. Complete with 3 small pips & indentations on base of glass plate to enable it to sit securely on the centre support dishwasher safe.

Compatible / Genuine: Compatible 

Compatible with Part Number(s): 345mm, 75-UN-08

Fits Models: 

NN6403, NN6453, NN659, NN6803, NN6853, NNA554W, NNA574, NNA574SBBPQ, NNA712A, NNA720, NNA720M, NNA720MB, NNA720MBBPQ, NNA722M, NNA723M, NNA723MBBPQ, NNA750, NNA750W, NNA750WB, NNA750WBBPQ, NNA752, NNA752W, NNA753, NNA753W, NNA770, NNA7705BBPQ, NNA770SB, NNA770SBBPQ, NNA772S, NNA772SBBPQ, NNA772SBBTQ, NNA773S, NNA774SBBPQ, NNA775S, NNA850, NNA850CB, NNA850W, NNA850WBBPQ, NNA872, NNA872, NNA872SBBPQ, NNA873S, NNA880, NNA880W, NNA880WB, NNA883W, NNC703B, NNC703BBPQ, NNC753, NNC753B, NNC753BBPQ, NNC803/853, NNC803B, NNC803BBPQ, NNC827BBPQ, NNC827M, NNC827MB, NNC827MBBPQ, NNC853, NNC853B, NNC853BBPQ, NNC877, NNC8774, NNC877C, NNC877CB, NNC877CBBPQ, NNC877W, NNC877WB, NNC877WBBPQ, NNC880W, NNC897C, NNC897CBBPQ, NNC897W, NNC897WB, NNC897WBBPQ, NNCT766, NNCT776, NNH503B, NNH553B, NNT551, NNT551W, NNT551WBBPQ, NNT559, NNT559CB, NNT559W, NNT559WB, NNT559WBBPQ, NNT570, NNT570S, NNT571S, NNT571SBBPQ, NNT573, NNT573S, NNT573SBBPQ, NNT589, NNT590W, NNT590WB, NNT591, NNV621, NNV621M, NNV621MB, NNV621MBBPQ, NNV622, NNV629, NNV629M, NNV629MB, NNV629MBBPQ, NNV651, NNV652, NNV652W, NNV652WBBPQ, NNV659, NNV659C, NNV659W, NNV659WB, NNV659WBBPQ, NNV670SB, NNV671SBBPQ, NNV672S, NNV673S, NNV681WB, NNV689, NNV689W, NNV689WB, NNV869

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