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Pair MOTOR CARBON BRUSHES for INDESIT Indesco washing machine C00196539


Pair MOTOR CARBON BRUSHES for INDESIT Indesco washing machine 

Compatible / Genuine: Compatible 

Compatible with Part Number(s):  C00196539 , 12-AR-07 , CAR73 , CBN9191

Every carbon brush is made from the highest grade laminated carbon (not inferior block carbon) which means your brushes will last considerably longer and with better heat dispersion, thus preventing early burn-out. Every brush holder is made from flame-retardant plastic to ensure full safety as well as maximum performance.
Dimensions: 12mm x 5mm x 31mm -- Terminals: 6.3mm -- Brush slope L to R

Fits Models:

  •  A1217UK, AB1030CTXTK, AB1036TUK, AB1036TXTK, AB1036UK, AB1047TXE, AB104IT, AB104XTK, AB108XEU, AB1240CTXDE, AB1246TXBE, AB1250TXNL, AB1450TXNL, AB823TXDE, AB830CTEX, AB836TTK, AB836TXBE, AB838CTAG, AB838CTXE, AB83TK, AB845TXE, AB84XTK, AB930CUK, AB936AUS, AB936TAUS, AB936UK, ABC82TXFR, AC106BFR, AC120LIT, AD1000EX, AD10SKD, AD12AUS, AF1083TXBE, AI1047MTUK, AI1049TXNL, AI1233TNL, AI1235TENL, AI1236TXNL, AI1237TXNL, AI1247MUK, AI1247TXTR, AI1259MCUK, AI1259TXNL, AI1459TXNL, AI848TXHCGR1, AI858CT1, AI858CTX1, AI858CTX1E, AI938CTEX, AI938CTFR, AL1046TAUS, AL1056CTXR, AL1056TXE, AL1056TXK, AL1056TXSTDE, AL1056TXTK, AL1156CTXTK, AL1246TXBE, AL1257TUK, AL1258STXNL, AL128XFR, AL129XAUS, AL129XTK, AL1453TXNL, AL1456TXBE, AL1456TXTK, AL1458STXSTN, AL148XFR, AL638TX, AL68XEX, AL68XPT, AL68XSPT, AL748TXR, AL749TXST, AL846CTEX, AL847CTXPT, AL847TXPT, AL848TXHCGR, AL88EU, AL943TXNL, AL946CTXR, AL948TXR, AL957TXSTR, ALD160EU, ALS109XIT, ALS1248TXR, ALS68XIT, ALS948TXR, AM1274X, AM1274XCH, AM1274XFI, AM1274XFR, AM1274XRA, AM1280TXNL, AR1070CD3BIS, AR1070CDPT3B, AR1148TXNL, AR1170CDFI3B, AR1170CDNL3B, AR1170TXCH, AR1268TXNL, AR1270CDNL3B, AR1270CDXSE, AR1270TXNL, AR1278TXNL, AR1290TFR, AR2180TXNL, AR3295TXNL, AV1037WUK, AV1048CUK, AV1048TEX, AV1137CTSK, AV1147TX1SK, AV1233TNL, AV1238TXNL, AV1257TXE, AV1258CTXE, AV4036TLNL, AV4036TNL, AV4237TENL, AV4239CTNL, AV4258TXENL, AV4459TENL, AV735TFR, AV848CTX1E, AV938TX, GA 10 TP (DE), GA 12 TX (DE), GA 8 TP (DE), IW1070XD, IW1071XD, IW1071XDE, IWB 5113 (UK), IWB 5123 (UK), IWB 51231 ECO (UK), IWB 51251 C ECO EU, IWB 6113 (UK), IWB 6113 ECO (UK), IWB 6123 (UK), IWB 71250 (UK), IWB 71250 (UK).T, IWC 6125 (UK), IWC 6125 S (UK), IWC 61251 S ECO UK, IWC 61252 S C FR, IWC 61252 SL C FR, IWC 6133 (UK), IWC 6145 (UK), IWC 61451 ECO UK, IWC 61451 S ECO UK, IWC 71450 (UK), IWC 71451 ECO UK, IWD5123 (UK), IWD51231 ECO (UK), IWD6125 (UK), IWD61250 K (UK), IWD61430 (EU), IWD61450 (UK), IWD71250 (UK), IWD71250 S (UK), IWD71251 ECO (UK)
  • and models: IWD71251 ECO UK.C, IWD71251 S ECO UK, IWD7145 (UK), IWD7145 K (UK), IWD7145 S (UK), IWD71451 K ECO UK, IWDC 6125 (UK), IWDC 6125 S (UK), IWDC 6143 (UK), IWDC 7145 (DE), IWDD 7123 (UK), IWDD 7123 S (UK), IWDD 7143 (UK), IWDD 7143 S (UK), IWDE 12 (UK), IWDE 126 (UK), IWDE 7125 B (UK), IWDE 7125 S (UK), IWDE 7145 B (UK), IWDE 7145 K (UK), IWDE 7145 S (UK), IWE 7145 K (UK), IWME 12 (UK), IWME 126 (UK), IWME 127 UK, IWMEB 127 UK, IWSB 51151 ECO (UK), IWSB 51251 ECO UK, IWSB 61151 ECO UK, IWSB 61251 ECO UK, IWSC 5125 (UK), IWSC 51251 ECO (UK), IWSC 51251 ECO UK, IWSC 61051 ECO UK, IWSD 51151 B ECO UK, IWSD 51251 ECO UK, IWT2270XD, L1592, LBE12X, LNA 1000 (FR), LNA 800 (FR), LNA 850 (FR), LNA 855 (FR), LNA 856 (FR), PWC 7143 S (UK), PWC 7143 W(UK), PWDC 7142 W(UK), PWDC 7143 W(UK), S1000UK, S1200AUK, W101 (EX), W101 (UK), W103 (NL), W103 (UK), W103 (UK) (BG), W103 T (TK), W104 (DE), W104 (FR), W104 (NL), W104 (SP), W104 T (BE), W104 T (CH), W104 T (EX), W104 T (TK), W104 TX (TK), W104 TX S (BE), W104 TXS (TK), W105 (FR), W105 (NL), W105 TX (EX)., W105 X (DE), W106 X (DE), W106 X.1 (DE), W107 (FR), W108 X (IT), W108 X (SP), W113 (UK), W123 (UK) (BG), W123 (UK), W123 S (UK), W123 X (NL), W124 X (DE), W124 X (NL), W125 TX (CH), W125 TX (EX), W125 X (DE), W125 X (FR), W125 XS (DE), W126 X (DE), W128 X (FR), W128 X (SP), W129 X (FR), W133 (UK), W133 S (UK), W14 GE, W143 X (NL), W144 X (DE), W144 X (NL), W145 TX (CH), W145 TX (EX), W145 X (DE), W146 X (DE), W16 GE, W161 (UK), W165 TX (EX), W165 X (NL), W166 X (DE), W43 T (AG), W445 TP I, W6 (EX), W63 T (AUS), W63 T (EX) 50-60 HZ, W68 X (IT), W682 X S (IT), W73 (FR), W81 (EX), W82 TX C (E), W82 TX E, W83 (DE), W83 (FR), W83 (NL), W83 (SP), W83 (TK), W83 (UK), W83 T (AUS), W83 T (EX), W83 T (TK), W84 (FR), W84 T (TK), W84 TX (EX), W84 TX (EX) (TE), W84 TX (TK), W84 X (SP), W84 XS (SP), W842 X S (IT), W85 (FR), W857 (PT), W857 XS (PT), W88 X (IT), W93 (UK), W93 T (EX), W94 (FR), W95 (FR), W9521 (E), W1048TDE
  • and models: W1248TDE, W1258TEDE, W1458TEDE, W800XBPE, W848TDE, WA 10 (IT), WA 10 (PT), WA 10 X (IT), WA 105 (UK), WA 115 (UK), WA 125 (UK), WA 135 (UK), WA 155 (UK), WA 6 (IT), WA 6 (PT), WA 6 X (IT), WA 6 XS (PT), WA 8 (IT), WA 8 (PT), WA 8 X (IT), WA 8 XS (IT), WA 8 XS (PT), WA1051X, WA1251X, WA125X, WA1451X, WA145X, WA6IT, WAD3300X, WAD3301X, WAP 61 (EX), WAS 6 X (IT), WAS 8 X (IT), WAX 120 (UK), WD10 (UK), WD104 T (EX), WD105 T (CH), WD105 T (EX), WD105 T (EX) 220-60, WD106 (FR), WD11 (UK), WD118 (SP), WD12 (UK), WD12 S (UK), WD12 X (UK), WD125 T (EX), WD125 TS (EX), WD14 (UK), WD1400 (GE), WD83 X E, WD84 (EX), WD84 T (EX), WD86 (FR), WD850XBPE, WD850XPE, WDE 12 (UK), WDE 12 X, WDE 12 X (NL), WDG 1095 GH (G), WDG 1095 WG, WDG 1195 WG, WDG 1295 WG, WDG1095GH, WDG1195WG/1, WDG985BG, WDG985WG, WDN1000WO, WDN1079WG, WDN2066WF, WDN2067WF, WDN2096WF, WDN2100XWSK, WDN2101XWSK, WDN2196WG, WDN2196XWE1, WDN2296XWO, WDN2296XWU, WDN866WF, WDN867WF, WDN896XWE, WDN896XWI, WDN966BG, WDN966WG, WDS 1000 UK, WDS1200TX, WE 10 (EX), WE 10 (IT), WE 10 (IT).1, WE 10 (UK), WE 10 XS (IT), WE 105 X (EX), WE 105 X (R), WE 106 X (PT), WE 109 (FR), WE 11 (UK), WE 12 (DE), WE 12 (UK), WE 12 S (DE), WE 12 S (UK), WE 12 X (NL), WE 125 X (EX), WE 13 (UK), WE 14 (DE), WE 14 (UK), WE 14 S (DE), WE 14 S (UK), WE 14 X (NL), WE 14 XS (NL), WE 145 X (EX), WE 16 (DE), WE 16 (UK), WE 16 S (UK), WE 16 X (NL), WE 6 (IT), WE 6 X (EX), WE 8 (EX), WE 8 (IT), WE 8 (IT).1, WE 8 X (EO), WE 8 X (EX), WE 8 X (R), WE1000WO, WE1034WO, WE1200WO, WE1234WO, WES 8 X (IT).1, WES 9 X (R), WG 10 TX D, WG 1020 T (TK), WG 1020 TP (TK), WG 1030 (G) T, WG 1030 P (G), WG 1030 T (TK) OLD, WG 1030 T BE, WG 1030 TP (BE), WG 1030 TX (DE), WG 1030 TXD, WG 1031 T F, WG 1031 T.1 (R), WG 1031 TP (R), WG 1031 TX (TK), WG 1031 TX C (TK), WG 1031 TX EU, WG 1031 TXO, WG 1033 T G T, WG 1033 TP (G), WG 1034 T G T, WG 1034 TP (G), WG 1035 T O, WG 1035 T O OLD, WG 1035 TP (O), WG 1035 TX (EX), WG 1035 TX (R), WG 1035 TX C (EX) and many more

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