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Long Vent Hose & Adaptor Kit For Indesit Tumble Dryer 2.5 Metres 4'' Fitting


  • Vent Hose & Connector to fit Indesit Tumble Dryers.
  • This vent hose & adaptor kit enables hot, damp air from the machine to escape either via attachment to a permanent outside vent or by hanging it out of the window.
  • Fits Models: IS60, IS70, IDV65 & IDC75, CLASSIC2000T, G73V, G73VU, G73VUEX, G74EXPAI, G74V, G74VEX, G74VEX60, G74VEXPAI, G74VFR, G74VNL, G74VS, G74VSK, G84VEX, G84VNL, IS60V, IS60VEX, IS60VEXPAI, IS60VFR, IS60VNL, IS60VS, IS60VSK, IS60VU, ISL60V, ISL60VEX, ISL60VNL, ISL60VSK, TD1000, TD101, TD105, TD205, TD2591, TD305, TD82, TD85, TD86, TD87
  • Measurements: Length 2.5  Metres, Diameter 10cm, Adaptor Included.
  • High quality tumble dryer accessory.

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