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Karcher Pressure Washer Inlet Elbow Connection Suction Side 90368010



K3 SERIES : inlet   Elbow

part number 9036801

K3 SERIES : K3 Series Elbow
Inlet Elbow To Suit K3 Series Machines
Item 9 - 9036801
Part Number - 9036801 (Replaces 9036705)

Part Number Variations - 90368010 / 9036801 / 9.036.801.0 / 9.036.801 / 9.036-801.0 / 9.036-801

 K 3, K 3.86, K 4.130,

K 3.47M PLUS, K 3.86M PLUS, K 4.91M,
K 3.48M PLUS, K 3.91M, K 4.91MD Plus,
K 3.49M PLUS, K 3.91MD WRC, K 4.97MD PLUS-WB,
K 3.67MD PLUS, K 3.960 M PLUS, K 4.99M DELUXE,
K 3.68MD PLUS, K 3.960M PLUS, K 4.99M PL-WB AM,
K 3.690 K 3.97M, DeLuxe K 4.99MH WB,
K 3.69M K 3.97MB, PL-WB, K 5.480,
K 3.78M PLUS, K 3.98M PLUS-WB, K 5.690,
K 3.80MD, K 3.99M K B, 9020M PL-WB,
K 3.80MD PLUS, K 3.99M PL, K B403 WB,
K 3.80MD WB, K 3.99M PLUS-WB, K B9030M B,
K 3.81M PLUS, K 3.99MD PL (HB), K B9030M WB,