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IS70C Hotpoint Tumble Dryer Drum Shaft Bearing Repair Kit C00095655


Compatible / Genuine: Compatible 

Compatible with Part Number(s): C00095655

Fits Models: IS70C

1SE3, 1SE5E, 1SE5T, 37290, 37312, 37513, 37513, 37515, 37517, 37521, 37523, 37527, 37615I, 37638, 37734I, 37735, 37747, 37747, 37755, 37755, 37760, 37761, 37762, 37762G, 37763, 37763X, 37764E, 37765X, 37766E, 37770, 37771, 37772E, 37773X, 37774E, 37784, 37793, 3SE3, 476, 496R, 67638, 67667, A35VEX, A35VEX60, A35VEXAUS, A35VEXPAI, A35VEXPAI, A35VIEXPAI, A36VEX/VSK, A37CEX, A45VEX/VNA, A46CAUS/CEX/CFR/CSK, BSL52E, BSL55PE, BSL60PE, BSL65PE, CT30/V, CT31/V, CT32VU, CT33V, CT50, CT50V, CT51, CT51V, CT60V, D45, DK5062, EFU101E, EFU301E, EFU501E, G31VU, G32V, G73V, G73VU, G73VUEX, G74EXPAI, G74V, G74VEX, G74VEX60, G74VEXPAI, G74VFR, G74VNL, G74VS, G74VSK, G75C, G75CEX, G75CFR, G75CS, G75CSK, G84VEX, G84VNL, G85C, G85CEX, G85CNL, G85CSEX, G85CSK, IS30V, IS31VSUK, IS31VUK, IS31VUUK, ISE-3, J501VW, MAXI60T, MAXI65E, SA113, SA33, SA53, SA53E, SLC60, SLC70, SLE50, SW52/A, SW62C, T301IS, 301UWE, T310VW, T312VW, T313VW, T320VW, T322VW, T323VW, T400VW, T510VW, T511VW, T512VW, T522SA/VW, T530VW, T532VW, T601CW, T602CW, TC71PW, TC72N/P/X, TCR13, TDC30N/P/S/YS, TDC32N/P/S, TDC60PE, TDC6A, TDL10P, TDL11P/PE/PI, TDL12P, TDL13P, TDL14P, TDL15P, TDL30IS, TDL30N/P/PE/S, TDL31N/P/PE/S/YS, TDL32N/P/S, TDL34N/S/N/S, TDL52N/S, TDL54N/P/S, TDL60N/P/PE/YS, TDL62N/P/S, TDV60, TFA34N/P/S, TFA53P/S/N, TL31PW, TL51A/P/W, TL52A/P/PI, TL61N/P/X, TL62H/N/P/T/U/X, TL65PE, TL71P/S/X, TL72PE, TR11, TR12, TR977A, TR988C, TR999EB/EC, TRE11, TRS11, TRU7, TS11P/W, TS12A/P/W, TS13P, TS14P,TU11, TU12, TU7, TVM35A, TVM55A, TVM65A, V3D00P, V3D01P, WT5010/V, WT5020, WT6010/1, WT6030

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