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INDESIT Genuine Hob Main Oven Cooker Function Selector Switch 163100005

Genuine EGO Oven Cooker Selector Function Switch C00013413 4627266500


DD60C2C(X)UK, DD60C2CRUK, EP31(IX)/P631(IX), HG K (WH) S(1), HGK (BK) Z, HGK (WH)IB, HGK (WH)IB.1, HGK 10 (BK), HGK 10 (BR), HGK 10 (WH), HGK 10 IX, HGK 2 (BR)IB, HGK 2 (BR)IB.1, HGK 2 (WH)IB, HGK 2 (WH)IB.1, HGK 2 IX IB, HGK 2 IX IB, HGK IX IB, HGM 10 (BK), HGM 10 (BR), HGM 10 (WH), HGM 10 IX, HGM 2 (BR)IB, HGM 2 (WH)IB, HGM 2 IX IB, HGM L EDEL, I5E52E(W) KZ, I5E52E(W)/RU, I5E6AE(W) FR, I5ESH(A)/UK, I5ESH(W)/UK, I5ESH1(X)/UK, I5ESH1E(W)/EX, I5ESH1E(W)/I, I5ESH1E(W)/UA, I5ESH1SUK, I5ESH2AE(W) KZ, I5ESH2AE(W)/RU, I5ESHA(W) U, I5ESHA(W)/RU, I5ESHKUK, I5M5C1G(W) FR, I5MG1G(X)/EX, I5MMC2AG(W) FR, I5MMCAG(W) FR, I5MSH20AG(W)/RU, I5NSH1AE(W) U, I5NSH2AE(W) KZ, I5NSH2AE(W)/RU, I5V52(W)/RU, I5V55(X)/RU, I5V5C1(W).1 FR, I5V62A(W)/EU, I5V7H6A(X)/EU, I5VM1A(X) FR, I5VMC1A(W) FR, I5VMH6A(X)/RU, I5VSH(K)/UK, I5VSH1A(X)/FR, I5VSH2A(W)/RU, I5VSH2A(X)/RU, I5VSHA(W)/RU, I5VSHWUK, I6E5H2E(W)/EX, I6E6C1A(W)/FR, I6E6C1AE(W)/FR, I6EMH2A(W)/GR, I6ESH2E(W)/KZ, I6ESH2E(W)/RU, I6ESHA(W)/GR, I6EVAWUK, I6M6C6AG(W)/FR, I6M6CAG(X)/FR, I6M6HAG(X) FR, I6MG1G(X)/EX, I6MSCA(W)/FR, I6MSCAG(W)/FR, I6V52(W)/RU, I6V56(W)/RU, I6V6C1A(X)/FR, I6V6C1A.H(W)/FR, I6V6C6A(W)/FR, I6V6H1A(W) FR, I6VMC6A(W)/GR, I6VMC6A(X)/GR, I6VMH2A(W)/GR, I6VMH2A(W)/P, I6VMH2A(X)/GR, I6VMH2A(X)/NL, I6VMH2A.1(W)/NL, I6VSH(W)/KZ, I6VSH2(W)/EX, I6VSH2(W)/RU, I6VSH2A(W)/GR, I6VV2A(X)/EX, I6VV2A(X)/UK, I6VV2AWUK, ID50C1(K), ID50C1(K) S, ID50C1(W), ID50C1(W) S, ID50E1(W) S, ID50E1(X), ID50E1W, ID60C2(A), ID60C2(A) S, ID60C2(K), ID60C2(K) S, ID60C2(M) S, ID60C2(W), ID60C2(W) S, ID60C2(X), ID60C2(X) S, ID60C2AA(M), ID60C2M, ID60C2NUK, ID60C2RUK, ID60E2(W), ID60E2(W) S, IS50E(A) S, IS50E(W) S, IS50E1(X), IS50E1(XX) S, IS50EA, IS50EW, IS60C1(W), IS60C1(W) S, IS60C1(X), IS60C1(XX) S, IS60E(W), IS60E(W) S, IT50C(A) S, IT50C(M) S, IT50C(W) S, IT50C1(XX) S, IT50C1SUK, IT50C1X, IT50CA, IT50CKUK, IT50CM, IT50CW, IT50E(A) S, IT50E(M) S, IT50E(W), IT50E(W) S, IT50E1(X), IT50E1(XX) S, IT50EA, IT50EM, IW5MSCGA(W)/FR, IW5VMC1A(X) FR, IW5VSC1A(W) FR, K 10 E(W)/R, K 10 E.C(W)/R, K 13 GB(W)/E, K 132 ES(W)/R, K 2C E(W)/F, K 2C10 M(W)/F, K 2C10 M.C(W)/F, K 30 E(W)/B, K 30 E(W)/F, K 30 E(W)/G, K 30 E.C(W)/F, K 300 E(W)/I, K 300 E(W)/R, K 300 E(W)/SK, K 300 E(W)/SV, K 300 E(X)/G, K 300 E.B(W)/I, K 300 E.B(W)/SK, K 300 E.B(W)/SV, K 300 E.C(W)/R, K 300 M(W)/EU, K 300 M.B(W)/EU, K 3000 M(W)/EU, K 301 E(X)/G, K 301 E.C(X)/G, K 31 E(W)/G, K 31 E.C(W)/G, K 322 ES(W)/EU, K 323 MS(W)/EU, K 330 E(W)/I, K 330 E(W)/R, K 330 E.C(W)/R, K 330 ES(W)/I, K 3300 E(W)/EX, K 3300 ES(W)/EX, K 331 (W)/F, K 331 E(W)/T, K 331 M(W)/U, K 331 M.B(W)/U, K 331.C (W)/F, K 332 M(W)/F, K 332 M.C(W)/F, K 336 PS(W)/U, K 35C E(X)/F, K 3C E(W)/F, K 3C0 E(W)/R, K 3C0 E.C(W)/R, K 3C0 M(W)/D, K 3C0 M(W)/R, K 3C0 M.B(W)/D, K 3C0 M.C(W)/R, K 3C15 M.C(W)/F, K 3C7 M(W)/SK, K 3C7 M(W)/SV, K 3C7 M(X)/R, K 3C7 M.B(W)/SK, K 3C7 M.B(W)/SV, K 3C7 M.C(X)/R, K 3C8 P(W)/D, K 3C8 P(W)/U, K 3C8 P(X)/D, K 3C8 P(X)/SK, K 3C8 P(X)/U, K 3C8 P.B(W)/D, K 3C8 P.B(W)/U, K 3C8 P.B(X)/D, K 3C8 V(W)/G, K 3C8 V(X)/G, K 3C8 V.B A/G, K 3C8 V.B(X)/G, K 3C8 VA/G, K 60 E(W)/F, K 60 E.C(W)/F, K 600 M(W)/EU, K 600 M(W)/S, K 600 M(W)/SK, K 600 M.C(W)/EU, K 600 V(W)/G, K 601 V(W)/G, K 601 V.C(W)/G, K 603 M(W)/GR, K 603 M.C(W)/GR, K 63 (W)/F, K 63 (W)/F(1), K 63 .C(W)/F, K 630 E(W)/GR, K 630 E(W)/S, K 631 M.C(W)/F, K 631 T(W)/T, K 631 T.C(W)/T, K 632 M(W)/F, K 632 M.C(W)/F, K 633 M(W)/GR, K 636 M(W)/T, K 636 T(W)/T, K 6C7 E(W)/R, K 6C7 E.E(W)/R, K 6C7 M(W)/F, K 6C7 M(W)/R, K 6C7 M(W)/SK, K 6C7 M(W)/SV, K 6C7 M.C(W)/F, K 6C7 M.C(W)/R, K 6C7 M.C(W)/SK, K 6C7 M.C(W)/SV, K 6C8 P(A)/G, K 942 XSE, K 970 G(C)/I, K 970 G(CP)/I, K 970 G(W)/I, K 970 G(WH)/I, K 98 G(X)/P, K 98 G(X)/P(1), K 980 E(CP)/I, K 980 E(WH)/I, K3C55(X)/R, K3C557(X)/RU, K3C76(W)/BG, K3C76(X)/BG, K3C767(X)/RU, K3E1(A)/IR, K3E1(W)/FR, K3E1(W)/G, K3E11(W)/I, K3E11(W)/R, K3E11(X)/G, K3E117(W)/RU, K3E5(W)/FR, K3E51(W)/EU, K3E51(W)/EU S, K3E51(X)/AG, K3E517(W)/RU, K3M1(W)/FR, K3M1(X)/FR, K3M11(W)/EX, K3M11(W)/R, K3M11S(W)/EX, K3M1S(W)/FR, K3M1S(X)/FR, K3M5(W)/U, K3M5.A(W)/U, K6C56(X)/GR S, K6E1(W)/SK, K6E11(W)/F, K6E11(W)/GR, K6E11(W)/R, K6E32(W)/G, K6E32(X)/G, K6E51(W)/FR, K6E52(W)/EX, K6E52(W)/GR, K6E55(W)/GR, K6M1(W)/F, K6M11(W)/EX, K6M1S(W)/F, K6M40S(W)/T, K6M4S(W)/T, K6M5(W)/F, K6M5(X)/F, K6M52(W)/F, K6M56(W)/FR, K6M56S(W)/FR, K6M5S(W)/F, K6M5S(W)/T, K6M5S(X)/F, K6M91(W)/FR /Y, KC3043BG/E, KC3043WG/E, KC3402WG/E, KD3C1(A)/G, KD3C1(M)/G, KD3C1(W)/G, KD3C11(X)/G, KD3C1EW, KD3C3(K)/G, KD3C3WG, KD3CEW, KD3E1(A)/IR, KD3E1(M)/G, KD3E1(W)/G, KD3E11(X)/G, KD3E1EW, KD6C0EW, KD6C35A, KD6C35K, KD6C35M, KD6C35M (T), KD6C35W, KD6C35W (T), KD6C35X, KD6C7EM, KD6C8EW, KD6E35W, KDP60C, KDP60CS, KG 3030.1 WE/F, KG 3043 WE/R, KG 3044 BE/G(1), KG 3044 WE/G(2), KG3044BE/G, KG3044WE/G, KGM 9426 WG/S.1, KGM 9426 XG/S.1, KM 82 G(X)/EX, KN1E1(W)/UA, KN1E1(W)/UA S, KN1E17(W)/RU, KN1E17A(W)/RU, KN1M117S(W)/RU, KN1M11S(W)/BA, KN1M11S(W)/BA S, KN3C107A(W)/RU, KN3C11(W)/AUS, KN3C11(W)/FR, KN3C11(W)/FR S, KN3C117A(W)/RU, KN3C117A(X)/RU, KN3C12A(W)/CZ, KN3C12A(W)/CZ S, KN3C17A(W)/RU, KN3C51(W)/FR, KN3C51(W)/FR S, KN3C51(X)/FR, KN3C51(X)/FR S, KN3C517(W)/RU, KN3C55(W)/FR, KN3C55(W)/FR S, KN3C557(X)/RU, KN3C61A(X)/CZ, KN3C61A(X)/CZ S, KN3C62A(W)/EU, KN3C62A(W)/EU S, KN3C62A(W)/U, KN3C62A(W)/U S, KN3C650A(X)/U, KN3C650A(X)/U S, KN3C65A(W)/CZ, KN3C65A(W)/CZ S, KN3C65A(X)/CZ, KN3C65A(X)/CZ S, KN3C767A(X)/RU, KN3C76A(W)/BG, KN3C76A(W)/BG S, KN3C76A(W)/FR, KN3C76A(W)/FR S, KN3C76A(X)/EU, KN3C76A(X)/EU S, KN3E107A(W)/RU, KN3E11(W)/EX, KN3E11(W)/EX S, KN3E11(W)/I, KN3E11(W)/I S, KN3E117A(W)/RU, KN3E11A(W)/EU, KN3E11A(W)/EU S, KN3E17(W)/RU, KN3E51(X)/AG, KN3E517(W)/RU, KN3E62A(W)/BG, KN3E62A(W)/BG S, KN3E6A(W)/FR, KN3E6A(W)/FR S, KN3M117(W)/RU, KN3M1S(W)/FR, KN3M1S(W)/FR S, KN3M1S(X)/FR, KN3M21(W)/EX, KN3M21(X)/EX, KN3M51S(W)/FR, KN3M51S(W)/FR S, KN3M51S(X)/FR, KN3M51S(X)/FR S, KN3M522S(W)/FR, KN3M522S(W)/FR S, KN3M522S(X)/FR, KN3M5S(W)/FR, KN3M5S(W)/FR S, KN3N117S(W)/RU, KN3N11S(W)/EU, KN3N11S(W)/EU S, KN3N11SA(W)/BG, KN3N11SA(W)/BG S, KN3N61SA(W)/BG, KN3N65SA(KX)/BG, KN3N65SA(W)/BG, KN3N65SA(W)/BG S, KN6C107(W)/RU, KN6C107A(W)/RU, KN6C11(W)/EX S, KN6C11(W)/SK S, KN6C117(W)/RU, KN6C12A(W)/GR, KN6C12A(W)/GR S, KN6C320(X)/AUS, KN6C320(X)/AUS S, KN6C517(W)/RU, KN6C61A(W)/FR, KN6C61A(W)/FR S, KN6C61A(W)/NL, KN6C61A(W)/NL S, KN6C61A(W)/P, KN6C61A(X)/FR, KN6C61A(X)/FR S, KN6C61A(X)/NL, KN6C61A(X)/NL S, KN6C62A(W)/GR, KN6C62A(W)/GR S, KN6C62A(X)/GR, KN6C66A(W)/FR, KN6C66A(W)/FR S, KN6C66A(W)/GR, KN6C66A(W)/GR S, KN6C66A(W)/SK, KN6C76A(X)/GR, KN6C76A(X)/GR S, KN6E11(W)/EX, KN6E11(W)/EX S, KN6E117(W)/RU, KN6E11A(W)/GR, KN6E11A(W)/GR S, KN6E52(W)/EX, KN6E52(W)/EX S, KN6E61A(W)/FR, KN6E61A(W)/FR S, KN6E62A(W)/GR, KN6E62A(W)/GR S, KN6E76A(W)/GR, KN6M1SA(W)/FR, KN6M1SA(W)/FR S, KN6M21(W)/EX, KN6M21S(X)/EX, KN6M40SA(W)/T, KN6M40SA(W)/T S, KN6M66SA(W)/FR, KN6M66SA(W)/FR S, KN6M6SA(W)/FR, KN6M6SA(X)/FR, KN6M6SA(X)/FR S, KP100CX, KT6C3M, KT6C3W, MVI5V05(X)/RU, MVI5V22(W)/RU, MVI6E22(W)/RU, MVI6V20(W)/RU, MVK5 V2(W) RF, MVK5 V21(W) RF, MVK6 E21(W) RF, MVK6 V21(W) RF, MVK6 V27 (W)/RF, RID60C2 (W) UK, RIT50E (W) UK

bartyspares are a long-established UK based family owned & run business 
Since 1966
All orders are dispatched the same working day, 
Via Royal Mail Fully Tracked delivery.

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