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Hoover Blaze TH71VX03 TH71BL02, TH71BL01 TH71VX02 TH71VX01 Brush Bar Brushbar


Genuine Y31 Agitator Brush Bar for Hoover Hurricane Series Vacuum Cleaners - 
Hoover genuine part number - 35601419
Replacement Y31 type brush bar assembly featuring wrap around bristle design
An ideal replacement part if your existing brush bar has worn out or not picking up as efficiently as it should
Fits Models:
 Hurricane, TH71 BR01001, TH31 BO01 001, VR81 HU01001, TH71 SM02001, TH71 SM02001, TH31 BO02 001, VR81 VR02001, TH71/VX01001, TH71 SP05001, TH71 VX02001, SP2101/1 001, TH71 VX01001, TH71 BR02001, TH31 SM02 001, TH71 BL01001, TH71 SM03011, TH71 BL02001, TH71/VX02001, VR81 OF01001, TH31 VO01 001, HL2102-001, VR81 HU03001, TH31HO01 001, TH71/BL02001, TH71/SM03001, BR2205 001, WHS2002 001, TH71 SP04001, TH71/BL01001, VR81 LR01001, TH71 VX03001, SM1901 001, TH31 SM01 
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