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Genuine ZANUSSI Tumble Dryer 1975H7 Poly Vee Drive Belt & Jockey Wheel Pulley


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Genuine ZANUSSI Tumble Dryer 1975H7 Poly Vee Drive Belt & Jockey Wheel Pulley

If your tumble dryer belt has snapped, the motor will no longer be turning the drum. This replacement belt and plastic roller, essential for keeping your tumble dryer drive belt under tension, could be just what you need to fix it.

Compatible / Genuine: Genuine 

Genuine Part Number(s): 1258288107 & 1250125034

Fits Models: ZTA140, ZDE26610W, ZTB261, ZTA250, ZTA240, ZDE47200W, ZDE47201W, ZTAB250, ZDE46201W, ZTE7100PZ, ZTE7101PZ, ZTE170, ZTE171, ZDC47209W, ZTEB171, ZTEB170, ZDL7102PZ, ZTK120, ZTK123, ZDC37200W, ZTKB120, ZDCB37209W, ZDC37201W, ZDC37202W, ZTKB123, ZTE135, ZTE130, ZDC47200W, ZTE140, ZTB276, ZTB271, ZDE67560W, ZDE47209W, ZTBB276, ZTBB271, ZDEB47209W, ZTE285, ZTE275, ZTE290, ZTE283, ZTE273, ZTE277, BKX6050, ZTH485, ZDC67560W, ZDC68560W, ZTE288, ZTE2888B, ZTE286, ZTE285C, ZTH485C, ZTH488, THE4851, ZTE7285, ZTH475, ZDC47203W, THES7000, ZTEB285, ZTHB485, ZTEB272, ZTEB273, ZTEB277, ZTEB286, ZTHB475, ZTHB488, ZTEB288, ZTEB290, ZDC47204W, ZDC47201W, ZDCB47209W, ZDH8333W, ZDH8333PZ, ZDC8203WR, ZDC8203W, ZDC8202P, ZDH8333P, ZDH7332P, ZDP7203P, ZDP7202PZ, ZDC8202PZ, ZDH7332PZ, ZDC8203P, TDS383W, TDS370T, TDS372T, TDS371TX, TDS382W, TDS302T, TD4112W, TD4110, TDE4124, TDS473E, TDS464E, TDS483EW, TDS281W, TDS270T, TD4100, TDS260T, TD4100W, TDE4224W, TDE4224, TC7224, TCE695, TCE7224, TCE7245, TCE7276, TCE7276W, TCS603LT, TCS623T, TC7114, TC7102W, TC7114W, TC7102, TC7102S, TC7124, TC7122, TC7114S, TCS605E, TCE7124, TCE7124W, TD4212, TD4212W, TD4224, TD4112, TDE4234W, TCS665E, TCE7114, LSI147, TD4120, TD4117, ZTB160, ZTA110, TD4213, TD4230, ZTA220, TDE4240, ZTB220, TCE7225, ZTB200, PERLA, TCE7145, TCE 7224, ZTE225, ZTE220, ZTE260, TCE7127W, EDE418M, ZTB140, ZID100, ZTA120, IZTA120, ZDE26000W, ZTA140 6K/C SMART TD, ZDE26110W, ZTB170, ZTA230, ZTA210, ZTA245, ZTA235, ZTB150, ZDE47100W, TCE7270, ZTB240, ZTB180, ZTB190, ZTB275, ZTB270, ZTE240, ZTE177, ZTK125, ZDC37100W, ZDC47100W, IZTE135, ZDC47100S, ZDC47100G, ZDE67550W, ZTE280, ZTE250, ZTE255, ZDC67550W, ZTE270, ZTE272, ZTE289, TCE7125, TCE7271, ZTE278, ZTI280, ZTE276, ZDC77570W, TCE7126, TCE7272, TCES7000, THE4850, THE4750, ZI935, ZD201, Z911R, Z100DWR, Z200DRWE, Z100DP, Z100DRP, Z200DRPE, Z77.11G, Z77.15G, Z77.21G, Z77.91G, TD101/A, TD201/A, TE301/A, Z101G, Z121G, ZD201G, ZD212EG, Z77.21-G, Z77.91-G, SL551, Z100DR, ZD101, F812, KINGMATIC R, ED207, TE301, TEI935, TDS583T, TDS585E, TCS673T, TCS6730T, TCS664E, TCS674E, TCS374E, TCS584EW, TCS675E, TCS675EW, Z300CDP, ZE200CD, Z200CD, TC450/B, TD504TC, TC460, TD501TC, TC470, TC480, TD601TC, TC481W, TC484W, TC491D, TD06TX, TC482W, TC485W, TCS683LT, TCS683W, Z400CDE, TD604EC, TCF655E, TCF665E, TCS6550E, ZD110, TD250, ZD120, TD150, TD160, TD222T, TD513, TD514, TDS280W, ZD100C, ZD120R, ZD130R, ZD102C, F101, ZD225, ZW1150DRS, ZD150R, ZD150RL, TD260, Z77.12, Z77.22, Z77.32, ZD2000, TD230T, TD242T, TD523, TD523AL, TD526, TD322T, TD160T, TDS240T, TDS250T, TD524, TD524AL, TDS362T, TDS360T, TDS 362T, TDS382AL, TDS382T, TE350, ZD270EK, Z77.92, ZD320, ZD320SENSOT., EDE420E, TDS363E, TD534, TDS463E, TDS 463E, TDS474E, AE2020, TDS333E, TD245/A, TD225T, TD265/A, ZD110R, ZW160M, ZD140R, TD520AL, TD275/A, ZD210RE, ZW200E, TD520E, TD420E, Z300CDW, Z300CD, Z77.38, Z500CDE, Z700CDE, Z600CDE, Z350CD, TD4112W, TDE4234W, TC7102W, TC7114W, TCE7276W, TC7224, TCE7224, TCE7245, TCE7276, TC7102S, TC7114S, TCE7124W, PERLA, TCE7114, TD4110, TDE4124, TD4100W, TD4224, TD4212W, TDE4224, TD4234W, TC7114, ZDC5350W, ZDC5355W, TD4113W, TD4213W, ZTK120, TC7103S, TC7103W, ZDC5370W, ZDC5375W, TDE4235W, TDS302T, ZDE26100W, ZDE36150W, TCE7127W, ZDE57140W, ZDC46130W, ZDC46130S, ZDB5377W, TCE7227W, ZDC67550W

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