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Genuine White Knight 44aw Crosslee Tumble Dryer Rear Drum Shaft Bearing Kit


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Compatible / Genuine: Genuine 

Compatible with Part Number(s): 421309205591

Fits Models: 

BG411 CL417W-031241715000 CL447AV-031244715201 CL632E-031263215000 BG431 CL427WV-031242715002 CL447BV-031244715501 CL637FRV BG442 CL431 CL447CV-031244715901 CL637WV-031263715000 BG451 CL432-031243215001 CL447OGV031244715801 CL677B-031267715500 CL311GV CL432A-031243215200 CL447W-031244715000 CL677OG-031267715800 CL331G-031233115300 CL432G-031243215300 CL447WV-031244715002 CL677W-031267715000 CL411 CL437FRV CL447YV-031244715601 CL677Y-031267715600 CL412F-031241215100 CL437W-031243715000 CL511 CL687-031268715000 CL412FR-031241215103 CL441A-031244115200 CL512-031251215000 CL727-031272715002 CL417FRV CL441W-031244115000 CL612E-031261215000 CL727B-031272715500 CL727OG-031272715800 CL732-031273215000 CL767031276715007/13 WK727 CL727Y-031272715600 CL741-031274115000 CL767C-031276715007 WK767 CL731-031273115000 CL762-031276215000 CL777TS-031277715001

CL312AV, CL312BV, CL312OGV, CL312RV, CL312WV, CL312YV, CL332AV, CL332BV, CL332OGV, CL332RV, CL332YV, CL412FV/W, CL417AV, CL417BV, CL417OGV, CL417W, CL417WV, CL417YV, CL427AV, CL427BV, CL427OGV, CL427WV, CL427YV, CL437AV, CL437BV, CL437OGV, CL437WV, CL437YV, CL447AV, CL447BV, CL447OGV, CL447WV, CL447YV

CL311OGV, CL332BV, CL332RV, CL332W, CL332YV, CL417WV, CL421W, CL427WV, CL432A, CL437WV, CL441ALMOND, CL441W, CL637/1W, CL637/2W, CL637/3W, CL637AL, CL637BV, CL637OGV, CL637YV, CL677BV, CL677OGV, CL677WV, CL677YV, CL687WV, CL727BV, CL727OGV, CL727WV, CL727YV, CL741, CL762, CL767BV, CL767OGV, CL767WV, CL767YV, CL777TS, CL787B, CL787OG, CL787WV, CL787Y, CL797BV, CL797OGV, CL797R, CL797YV, 427SV, 427SVNC, 42AS, 42AW, 43AW, 44AS, 44ASNC, 44AW, 72AW, 76AS, 76ASNC, 76AW, 77AS, 77ASNC, 797LDO, 79AS, 831WV, 837SV, 837WV, 83AS, 83AW, 937WV, 93AW, CL42, CL427SV, CL431A, CL431W, CL432/1/02, CL432A, CL432FV, CL432W, CL447CV, CL447SV, CL447SVNC, CL44AWH, CL511A, CL511W, CL512, CL547, CL612, CL632, CL637/WV, CL687SV, CL727, CL727B, CL727CH, CL727OG, CL731, CL732, CL737, CL757, CL767, CL767B, CL767C, CL767OG, CL767SV, CL767SVNC, CL767Y, CL76AWH, CL787, CL797C, CL797SVNC, HJA8620, KCD1W, KVT1I

AWB650PH/BRGR, AWB682WH, AWG200, AWG200/4, AWG210/7, AWG210GR, AWG210WH, AWG211, AWG212, AWG220/1, AWG220WH, AWG220WH/1, AWG221/1AL, AWG225, AWG225/1, AWG225/1HAV, AWG225HAV, AWG230, AWG245WH, AWG266, AWG274, AWG293, AWG295, CL412FRV/W, CL417W/V, CL427AV, CL427BV, CL427CV, CL427OGV, CL427WV, CL427YV, CL437W/WV, CL447AV, CL447BV, CL447OGV, CL447WV, CL447YV, RSD459/29


AWB654/1PH, AWB654PH WHIRLPOOL AWB650BBGR, AWB650BR, AWB653/BVK, AWB653/VK, AWB672WH, AWB674, AWB675/VK, AWB679, AWB681PH, AWB682, AWG210/1WH, AWG221/1AL, AWG221/AL


AWF020, AWF021, AWF030, AWF032, AWF038, AWF040, AWF045, AWF048, AWF778/1, AWF795, AWF797, AWF797/01