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Genuine Tumble Dryer NTC Probe Thermal Limiter Candy Hoover 40003258


Hoover /Candy Tumble Dryer Sensor

Part No 40003258

To Fit

Hoover Tumble Dryer

DYC169A-80, DYC8132BX-80, DYC88132BXC-80, DYC8913B-80, DYC8913BX-80, VHC381-80, VHC381/1-80, VHC391-80, VHC391/1-80, VHC391T-80, VHC391T/1-80, VHC392T-80, VHC680C-80, VHC680F-80, VHC681B-80, VHC691BS-80, VHC781XTB, VHV381-80, VHV381/1-80, VHV680C-80, VHV680F-80, VHV781C-80