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Genuine Smeg Trim Glass Shelf Front Fridge Freezer 766250597 FAB Series


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Compatible / Genuine: Genuine 

Genuine Part Number(s): 766250597

Fits Models: FA170, FA340BP, FA680, FA680I, FA311X, FA311XS, FAB2800X, FAB28AZ-S, FAB28AZ, FAB28AZ1, FAB28AZ2, FAB28AZS1, FAB28AZS2, FAB28B-S, FAB28B, FAB28B1, FAB28B2, FAB28BL-S, FAB28BL, FAB28BL1, FAB28BL2, FAB28BLS1, FAB28BLS2, FAB28BS1, FAB28BS2, FAB28P-S, FAB28P, FAB28P1, FAB28P2, FAB28PS1, FAB28PS2, FAB28R-S, FAB28R, FAB28R1, FAB28R2, FAB28RS1, FAB28RS2, FAB28V-S, FAB28V, FAB28V1, FAB28V2, FAB28VS1, FAB28VS2, FAB28X-S, FAB28X, FAB28X1, FAB28X2, FAB28XS1, FAB28XS2, FAB30AZ-S, FAB30AZ, FAB30AZ1, FAB30AZ2, FAB30AZS1, FAB30AZS2, FAB30B-S, FAB30B, FAB30B1, FAB30B2, FAB30BL-S, FAB30BL, FAB30BL1, FAB30BL2, FAB30BLS1, FAB30BLS2, FAB30BS1, FAB30BS2, FAB30P-S, FAB30P, FAB30P1, FAB30P2, FAB30PS1, FAB30PS2, FAB30R-S, FAB30R, FAB30R1, FAB30R2, FAB30RS1, FAB30RS2, FAB30V-S, FAB30V, FAB30V1, FAB30V2, FAB30VS1, FAB30VS2, FAB30X-S, FAB30X, FAB30X1, FAB30X2, FAB30XS1, FAB30XS2, FAB310X, FAB310XS, FAB32AZ-S, FAB32AZ, FAB32AZ1, FAB32AZS1, FAB32B-S, FAB32B, FAB32B1, FAB32BL-S, FAB32BL, FAB32BL1, FAB32BLS1, FAB32BS1, FAB32P-S, FAB32P, FAB32P1, FAB32PS1, FAB32R-S, FAB32R, FAB32R1, FAB32RS1, FAB32V-S, FAB32V, FAB32V1, FAB32VS1, FAB32X-S, FAB32X, FAB32X1, FAB32XS1, FD33R/1, KS2700C, S28STRP, S28STRP/1, S30STRP, S30STRP/1, S32STRP, S32STRP/1, S33STRP

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