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Genuine Liebherr Fridge Freezer Door Handle Bar Grip White Length 310mm 7432602


Genuine Liebherr Fridge Freezer Door Handle Bar Grip White Length 310mm 

Compatible / Genuine: Genuine

Compatible with Part Number(s): 7432602

Product Specifcations: Length: 310 mm Width: 65 mm Height: 90 mm Hole spacing: 244 mm

Fits Models: B275620, B275620A, B275620B, B275620C, B275620D, B275620E, B275620F, B275620G, B275621, B275621A, B275621B, C352322, C352322A, C352322B, C352322C, C352322K, C352323, C352323A, C353320, C353321, C353321A, C402321, C402322, C402322A, C402322B, C402322I, C402323, C402323A, CBN365620D, CBN365620E, CBN365620F, CBN365620G, CBN365620H, CBN365620I, CBN365620J, CBN365620K, CBN365621, CBN365621A, CBN365621B, CBN365621C, CBN373320, CBN373320A, CBN373320B, CBN373320C, CBN373320D, CBN373320E, CBN373320F, CBN373320G, CBN373321, CBN373321A, CBN373321B, CBN391320, CBN391320A, CBN391320B, CBN391320C, CBN391320D, CBN391320E, CBN391320F, CBN391320G, CBN391320H, CBN391320I, CBN391320J, CBN391321, CBN391321A, CBN391321B, CBN395620G, CBN395620H, CBN395620I, CBN395620J, CBN395620K, CBN395620L, CBN395620M, CBN395620N, CBN395620O, CBN395620P, CBN395621, CBN395621B, CBN395621C, CBN465620D, CBN465620F, CBN465620G, CBN465620H, CBN506620, CBN506620A, CBN506620B, CBN506620C, CBN506620D, CBN515620D, CBN515620F, CBN515620G, CBN515620H, CBN515620I, CBN515620J, CBN515620K, CBN515620L, CBNP395620, CBNP395620A, CBNP395620C, CBNP395620D, CBNP395621, CBNP395621A, CBNP395621B, CBNP395621C, CBNP515620, CBNP515620A, CBNP515620B, CBNP515620C, CBNP515620D, CBP361320, CBP361320A, CBP361320B, CBP361320C, CBP361320D, CBP361320E, CBP361321, CBP361321A, CBP361321B, CBP401320, CBP401320A, CBP401320B, CBP401320C, CBP401320D, CBP401320E, CBP401321, CBP401321A, CBP401321B, CBP403320, CBP403320A, CBP403320B, CBP403320C, CBP403320D, CBP403320E, CBP403320F, CBP403321, CBP403321A, CBP403321B, CBP403321C, CBP404320, CBP404320A, CBP404320B, CN350321F, CN350321G, CN350321H, CN350321I, CN350321J, CN350321K, CN350321L, CN350321M, CN350321N, CN350323, CN350323A, CN350323B, CN350323C, CN351321E, CN351321F, CN351321G, CN351321H, CN351321J, CN351321K, CN351321L, CN351321M, CN351321N, CN355620E, CN355620F, CN355620G, CN355620H, CN355620I, CN391321D, CN391321E, CN391321F, CN391321G, CN391321H, CN391321I, CN391321J
CN391321K, CN391321L, CN391321M, CN391322, CN391322A, CN391322B, CN391322C, CN395620D, CN395620E, CN395620F, CN395620G, CN395620H, CN400321E, CN400321F, CN400321G, CN400321H, CN400321I, CN400321J, CN400321K, CN400321L, CN400321M, CN400323, CN400323A, CN400323B, CN401321D, CN401321F, CN401321G, CN401321H, CN401321I, CN401321J, CN401321K, CN401321L, CN401321M, CN401322, CN401322A, CN401322B, CN402321C, CN402321E, CN402321F, CN402321G, CN402321H, CN402321I, CN402321J, CN402321L, CN402321M, CN402321N, CN402321O, CN402322, CN402322A, CN402322B, CN402322C, CN405620E, CN405620F, CN405620G, CN405620I, CN405620J, CN461320, CN461320A, CN465620C, CN465620E, CN501320, CN505620, CN505620A, CN505620B, CN511320F, CN511320G, CN511320H, CN511320I, CN511320J, CN511320L, CN511321, CN511321A, CN511321B, CN511321C, CN512320G, CN512320H, CN512320I, CN512320J, CN512320K, CN512320L, CN512320M, CN512320N, CN512320O, CN515620C, CNP351320, CNP351320A, CNP351320B, CNP351320C, CNP351320D, CNP351321, CNP351321A, CNP351321B, CNP351321C, CNP351321D, CNP391320, CNP391320A, CNP391320B, CNP391320C, CNP391320D, CNP391321, CNP391321A, CNP391321B, CNP391321C, CNP391321D, CNP400320A, CNP401320, CNP401320A, CNP401320B, CNP401320C, CNP401320D, CNP401321, CNP401321A, CNP401321B, CNP401321C, CNP403320A, CNP405620B, CNP405620C, CNP405620D, CNP405620E, CNP405620F, CNP405620G, CNP405620H, CNP405620J, CNP405620K, CNP405621, CNP405621A, CNP405621B, CP341320, CP341321, CP341321A, CP341321B, CP341321C, CP352320, CP352320A, CP352321, CP352321A, CP352321B, CP352321C, CP352321D, CP352321M, CP352322, CP352322A, CP352322B, CP352322C, CP381320, CP381321, CP381321A, CP381321B, CP381321C, CP402321J, CP402322, CP402322A, CP402322B, CP402322C, CP461320, CP461321A, CP461321B, CP461321C, CP461321D, CP461322A, CP461322C, CTN321320, CTN321320A, CTN321320B, CTN322320, CTN322320A, CTN365320, CTN365320A, CTN365320B, CTN366320, CTN366320A, CTN465320, CTP301620, CTP301621, CTP301621A, CTP301621B, CTP331620, CTP331621
CTP331621A, CTP331621B, CTP465320, CTP465320A, CTP465320B, CU310320, CU310321, CU310321A, CU310321B, CU310321C, CU350320, CU350320A, CU350321, CU350321A, CU350321B, CU402320, CU402320A, CU402320B, CU402320C, CU402320D, CU402321, CU402322, CU402322A, CU402322B, CUN310320, CUN310320A, CUN310320B, CUN310320C, CUN312320E, CUN312320F, CUN312320G, CUN312320H, CUN312320I, CUN312320J, CUN312320L, CUN312320M, CUN312320N, CUN312320O, CUN312321, CUN312321A, CUN312321B, CUN312321C, CUN350320, CUN350320A, CUN350320B, CUN350320C, CUN350320D, CUN350320E, CUN352320E, CUN352320F, CUN352320G, CUN352320H, CUN352320I, CUN352320J, CUN352320K, CUN352320L, CUN352320M, CUN352320N, CUN352321, CUN352321A, CUN352321B, CUN352321C, CUN353320, CUN353320A, CUN353320B, CUN353320C, CUN353320D, CUN353321, CUN353321A, CUN353321B, CUN353321C, CUN353321D, CUN390320, CUN390320A, CUN390320B, CUN390320C, CUN390320D, CUN390320E, CUN392320E, CUN392320F, CUN392320G, CUN392320H, CUN392320I, CUN392320J, CUN392320K, CUN392320L, CUN392320M, CUN392320N, CUN392321, CUN392321A, CUN392321B, CUN392321C, CUN393320, CUN393320A, CUN393320B, CUN393320C, CUN393321, CUN393321A, CUN393321B, CUN393321C, CUN393321D, CUN400320, CUN400320A, CUN400320B, CUN400320C, CUN400320D, CUN400320E, CUN402320E, CUN402320F, CUN402320G, CUN402320H, CUN402320I, CUN402320J, CUN402320K, CUN402320L, CUN402320M, CUN402320N, CUN402321, CUN402321B, CUN402321C, CUN403320, CUN403320A, CUN403320B, CUN403320C, CUN403321, CUN403321A, CUN403321B, CUN403321C, CUP290120, CUP290120A, CUP290120B, CUP290120C, CUP290121, CUP290121A, CUP290121B, CUP290121C, CUP290121D, CUP290121E, CUP322120, CUP322121, CUP322121A, CUP322121B, CUP322121C, CUP350320E, CUP351320, CUP351320A, CUP351320B, CUP465320, CUP465320A, CUP465320B, G301320, G301320A, G301320B, G301320D, G301320E, G301320F, G301320G, G351320, G351320A, G351320B, G351320D, G351320E, G351320F, G401320, G401320A, G401320B, G401320C, G401320D, G401320E, G401320F

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