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Karcher Pressure Washer Cylinder Head Rear K2 K3 K4 9.001-215.0 / 90012150

Genuine Karcher Pressure Washer Cylinder Head Rear 

Spare Part 9.001-215.0 / 90012150

This replacement cylinder head comes complete 
with rubber triangular seal and valve set.

Fits the following models. 

K 1400-4F-TR-QVC K 2.99M-PL K 3.91MD WRC
K 1400-4F-WB K 2.99M-PL-RWB K 3.92M Plus
K 2.00 K 2.99M-PLUS K 3.93 M PLUS
K 2.00 PLUS K 2.99M-PL-VPS K 3.96 M
K 2.00MB-PLUS-2F K 2.99-PLUS K 3.96M-Plus
K 2.09 PLUS K 200 M-PL-RWB K 3.98M PLUS
K 2.09M-PLUS K 200 PLUS K 3.98M PLUS-WB
K 2.09M-PLUS-2F K 209 PLUS K 3.990M-PLUS
K 2.09M-PLUS-WB K 3 K 4.130
K 2.80M-PLUS-RWB K 3.60MD Plus K 4.68 MD PLUS
K 2.90M-PLUS-WB K 3.66 MD PLUS RWB K 4.80 MD
K 2.97 MB-PL K 3.68 MD PLUS K 4.80 MD EPC
K 2.97M-4F-WB K 3.75 MD K 4.82 MD
K 2.97MD-PLUS K 3.77 M K 4.84 MD PLUS
K 2.97M-PL K 3.78M-PLUS K 4.86M
K 2.97M-PL-RWB-VP K 3.80 MD K 4.86M-PL-WBQ-V
K 2.97M-PL-TRG K 3.80 MD K 4.900M PLUS
K 2.97M-PL-TR-TV K 3.80 MD Garden K 4.91 MD Plus
K 2.97M-PLUS K 3.80 MD PLUS K 4.91M
K 2.97M-PL-WB K 3.80 MD WB K 4.91MD
K 2.97M-PL-WB K 3.81M-PLUS K 4.92M PLUS
K 2.97M-VPS-PL-WB K 3.86 K 4.96M-PL-RWB
K 2.97-PLUS K 3.86 M K 4.96M-PLUS
K 2.98M-PLUS K 3.86 M PLUS K 4.98MD-PLUS
K 2.99 MD-Plus K 3.86MD PLUS K B 9020M-PL-WB
K 2.99 M-PLUS K 3.900 M PLUS K B203-PL-WB
K 2.99M-4F-RWB K 3.91 MD-PLUS-RWB K B203-PL-WB
K 2.99M-4F-RWB K 3.91M KB 4040
K 2.99MD-PLUS K 3.91MD PLUS KB 5050
K 2.99MH-PL-WB K 3.91MD PLUS RWB  

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