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Genuine Hoover Candy Tumble Dryer Wheel Bearing P/N 40004307


Compatible / Genuine: Genuine 

Genuine Part Number(s): D346012, 5045173712959, 40004307

Fits Models 

Candy Tumble Dryer

DXC9DG, EVOV570C-S, GOCD57F, GODV58F, GCC570B, GODC18, GODV58F, GCC580B, GODC18/1, GOV570C, GOC1379XB, GODC36, GOV580C, GOC421BT, GODC36/1, HADC8913BX, GOC560C, GODC37T, HHD780X, GOC580B, GODC38T, GOC580C-S, GODC38T/1, HNV380, GOCnOC, GODC47F, OC780BTX, GODC56F, VHC391XT/1, GOC79132XB, GODC58F, GOC7913XB, GODC68G, GOC791BT-S, GODC68G/1, GOC791BTX, GODC78GT, GOC807BT, GODC78GT/1, GOC870B, GODV16, GOC907BT, GODV38, GOC971BT, GODV38/1, VHV680F

Hoover Tumble Dryer

DXC9DG, HNC780T, VHC680F, VHC781XTB, VHC781XTB/1, VHC791XT/1, VHC391XT, HC391XT/1, VHV380X/1, VHC791XT, VHC790BTX, VHV680F

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