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Genuine BOSCH TYPE G XXL GXL PowerProtect Type G All Synthetic Dust Bags


Capture and dispose of dust particles efficiently with this pack of 4 PowerProtect G All Synthetic Dust Bags!

How the PowerProtect G All Synthetic Dust Bag works:
As the dirt-filled air makes its way to the exhaust port, it passes through the vacuum cleaner bag. The bag acts as an air filter thanks to its tiny holes that are large enough to let air particles pass by, but small enough for most dirt particles to fit through. Thus, when the air streams into the bag, all the dirt and debris is collected in the bag.

Care and maintenance to your vacuum is important for it to be able to produce the cleaning performance you have come to expect. Replacing the bag in your vacuum before it becomes too full is an important part of this maintenance. If you leave your bag to become too full, it will have a negative impact on the suction power that your vacuum is able to produce – so you will not be able to vacuum up as much as you usually would.

Made from a special fleece technology, these bags provide multi-layer filtration that captures even the smallest of particles whilst being strong enough that larger particles won’t damage the bags material. With hygiene in mind they ensure 99.9% of fine dust particles are filtered and with their hygiene lock you always get clean easy disposal. The bags high dust retention capacity and custom-fit closure ensures efficient motor protection and they also give up to 60% more suction power when the dust bag fills up in comparison to conventional dust bags.

New bags and filters are essential for maintaining your cleaner's suction and dirt removal power, making this part ideal for restoring the performance of your machine.

The PowerProtect G All Synthetic Dust Bag Set lasts longer, has superior filtration and is more resistant than ordinary paper bags!

Please check model fit list to ensure this part is correct for your model


  • Type: G All
  • Includes 4x synthetic dust bags
  • Made with synthetic materials for maximum particle intake
  • Suitable for Energy Efficiency Class: A
  • Up to 60% more suction power - comparison to conventional dustbags
  • New fleece technology - for longer service life
  • Multi-layer for highest filtration
  • Hygienic - 99.9% of fine dust particles are filtered
  • Hygiene lock - ensures clean disposal
  • High dust retention capacity
  • Custom-fit bag closure - ensures efficient motor protection

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