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for Hotpoint Ariston Indesit Cooker Fan Oven Element Heater C00138834 1600w

Fan Oven Element

Fits Models


DB62IX MK2, DK892CXAUS, F1002.1IX, F1012.1IX, F481012.1IX, F481012C.1IX, F481012P.1IX, F48101P.1IX, F48L1012.1IX, F48R1012.1IX, F60.1IX, F73C.2IXAUS, F76C.2(BK), F76C.2(WH), F76C.2IX, F86.1IX, F87P.1(AN), F87P.1(WH), F87V.1(ALU), F87V.1IX, F87VP.1(ALU), F87VP.1IX, F89.1IX, F97C.2(BK), F97C.2(WH), F97C.2IX, F99C.1IX, F99C.1IXAUS, FB62P.1IX, FB62P.1IX-Y, FB82CIX-AUS, FB82CWH-AUS, FB83CIXAUS, FB86(AN), FB86(BK), FB86(IX), FB86(WH), FB86.2(IX), FB86.2IXNE, FB86CIX-AUS, FB86CWH-AUS, FB86P BK, FB86P IX, FB86P WH, FB86P.1-E(BK), FB86P.1-E(WH), FB86P.1-EIX, FB89P.1(BK), FB89P.1(WH), FB89P.1IX, FB970C.2(BK), FB970C.2(WH), FB970C.2-E(BK), FB970C.2-E(WH), FB970C.2-EIX, FB970C.2IX, FB97C(BK), FB97C(IX), FB97C(WH), FB97C.2(BK), FB97C.2(IX), FB97C.2(WH), FB97C.2-E(BK), FB97C.2-E(WH), FB97C.2-EIX, FB99C.1IX, FBCF04(BK), FBCF04(WH), FC101.1IX, FC101.1IX60HZ, FC101P.1IX, FC86.1IX, FC862C.2IX, FC87(AN), FC87(IX), FC87.1-EIX, FC87.1IX, FC87C(AN), FC87C(IX), FC87C.1(AN), FC87C.1-EIX, FC87C.1IX, FC88C(IX), FC88C.1IX, FC97 P (AN), FC97 P (IX), FC97P.1-E(AN), FC97P.1-EIX, FC98P IX, FC98P.1 IX, FC98P.1IX, FCF05(BK), FCF05(WH), FD61.1(CH), FD61.1(ICE), FD61.1(ICE)S, FD61.1(MR), FD771P BK, FD771P ICE, FD771P MR, FD771P WH, FD771PIX, FD772PBK, FD772PWH, FD77P IX, FD781P ICE, FD781P MR, FD781PBK, FD781PWH, FD87.1(ICE), FD87.1(MR), FD87.1-E(ICE), FD87.1-E(MR), FD870C.1-E(ICE), FD87ICE, FD87MR, FD960P.2-E BK (T), FD960P.2-E WH (T), FD960P.2-E(BK), FD960P.2-E(WH), FD961P.1-E(BK), FD961P.1-E(WH), FD961P1E(BK), FD96P.2-E(BK), FD96P.2-E(WH), FD97C.1(BK), FD97C.1(ICE), FD97C.1(WH), FD97C.1-E(BK), FD97C.1-E(ICE), FD97C.1-E(WH), FD97CBK, FD97CICE, FD97CWH, FD97P AZ, FD97P CH, FD97P GC, FD97P ICE, FD97P MR, FD97P SL, FD97P.1-E(ICE), FD97P.2-E(AZ), FD97P.2-E(CH), FD97P.2-E(GC), FD97P.2-E(MR), FD97P.2-E(SL), FD98P.1 ICE, FD98P.1 MR, FD98P.1(ICE), FD98P.1(MR), FD99C.1(BK), FD99C.1(ICE), FD99C.1(WH), FD99P.1(BK), FD99P.1(WH), FH1039PIX, FH103IX, FH103IXS, FH837CIXAUS, FH837CIXAUSS, FH83IXAG, FH83IXAGS, FH939IX, FH939IXS, FH99IX, FK1032EPX60HZS, FK1032EX, FK1032EXS, FK103EPX, FK103EPXS, FK103EX60HZS, FK1041LX, FK1041LXS, FK1042LP.20X, FK1042LP.20XS, FK617XAUS, FK617XAUSS, FK62CX, FK62CXCN, FK62CXCNS, FK62CXS, FK62X, FK62XS, FK737CXAUS, FK737CXAUSS, FK83X, FK83XS, FK898EPXAUS, FK898EPXAUSS, FK89EXS, FK996ECX, FK996ECXS, FKQ831(K)S, FKQ831K, FO85C.2IX, FO87(ALU), FO87(AN), FO87(IX), FO87.1-EIX, FO87.1IX, FO87C(ALU), FO87C(AN), FO87C(IX), FO87C.2(ALU), FO87C.2(AN), FO87C.2-E(ALU), FO87C.2-E(AN), FO87C.2-EIX, FO87C.2-ETDIX, FO87C.2IX, FO87CIX-AUS, FO87CIX-IR, FO88C(AN), FO88C(IX), FO88C.1IX, FO97C(ALU), FO97C(AN), FO97C(IX), FO97C(WH), FO97C.1(ALU), FO97C.1-EIX, FO97C.1IX, FO97CIX-AG, FO97P (AN), FO97P (IX), FO97P WH, FO97P.1-E AN (T), FO97P.1-E IX (T), FO97P.1-E WH (T), FO97P.1-E(AN), FO97P.1-E(WH), FO97P.1-EIX, FO98P IX, FO98P.1 IX, FO98P.1 IX DIGITAL, FO98P.1IX, FO98PIXAUS.1, FQ101.1(GR), FQ101.1(ICE), FQ1010.1(ICE)NE, FQ1012C.1(ICE), FQ101C.1(ICE), FQ101P.1(ICE), FQ101P.1(ICE)F, FQ61.1(GR), FQ61.1(ICE), FQ61.1(OP), FQ61.1(TI), FQ61P.1(ICE), FQ76C.2(BK), FQ76C.2(WH), FQ86.1(ICE), FQ860.1(ICE)NE, FQ87.1(GR), FQ87.1(OP), FQ87.1(TI), FQ872C.1(TI), FQ88C.1(JADE), FQ88C.1(MOON), FQ88C.1(SKY), FQ962C.2(ICE), FQ99C.1(BK), FQ99C.1(ICE), FQ99C.1(WH), FQ99P.1(BK)F, FQ99P.1(ICE)F, FQ99P.1(WH)F, FQA99P.1BK, FQA99P.1WH, FT85(AN), FT85(AV), FT85(OS), FT85(OW), FT85(PA), FT85(RA), FT85.1(AN), FT85.1(AV), FT85.1(OS), FT85.1(OW), FT85.1(PA), FT85.1(RA), FT850.1(AN), FT850.1(AV), FT850.1(OS), FT850.1(OW), FT850.1(PA), FT850.1(RA), FT850.1(RB), FT850.1IX, FT850P.1(AN), FT850P.1(AN)-Y, FT850P.1(OW), FT850P.1(OW)-Y, FT85PK, FT95C(AN), FT95C(OW), FT95C.1(AN), FT95C.1(OW), FT95VC.1(AN), FT95VC.1(OW), FT95VC.1IX, FX34.2XAL, FZ1001P.1IXNE, FZ1002.1(ALU), FZ1002.1IX, FZ1002C.2(ALU), FZ1002C.2IX, FZ100P.1(AN), FZ100P.1IX, FZ101.1IX, FZ101.1IX60HZ, FZ1011P.1IXAUS, FZ1011P.1IXAUS-G, FZ1012C.1IX, FZ1012P.1GIX60HZ, FZ1012P.1IXF, FZ101P.1IX, FZ101P.1IX60HZ, FZ101P.1IXF, FZ1021P.1IXNE, FZ1022.1IX, FZ1022C.1IX, FZ1022P.1IXF, FZ102P.1(AN)F, FZ102P.1IX, FZ102P.1IXF, FZ103.1IX, FZ103.1IX60HZ, FZ1031P.1IXAUS-G, FZ1032C.1IX, FZ1032GP.1IXF, FZ1032P.1GIX60HZ, FZ103P.1GIX, FZ61.1(AN), FZ61.1IX, FZ61.1IXCN, FZ612.2(ALU), FZ612.2IX, FZ61P.1IX, FZ61P.1IX-Y, FZ62C.1IX, FZ62C.1IXCN, FZ62P.1IX, FZ62P.1IX-Y, FZ65.1(AN), FZ65.1IX, FZ65C.1IX, FZ83.1IX, FZ86.1IX, FZ860.1IXNE, FZ87.1IX, FZ87.1IXNE, FZ87P.1IXNE, FZ891P.1IXAUS, FZ891P.1IXAUS-G, FZ932C.2IX, FZ962C.2IX, FZ96C.1IX, FZ970C.1IX, FZ97C.1(WH), FZ97P.1(AN), FZ97P.1(WH), FZ97P.1IX, FZ990C.1IX, FZ990C.1IXAG, FZ99C.1(AN), FZ99C.1(WH), FZ99P.1(AN)F, FZ99P.1(WH)F, FZ99P.1GIXF, FZ99P.1IXF, H101.1IX, H60.1(ALU), H60.1IX, H60VP.1IX, H60VP.1IX-Y, H61.1(BK), H61.1(WH), H61.1IX, H622.1IX, H62C.1IX, H66.1IX, H66V.1IX, H87V.1(ALU), H87V.1IX, H87VP.1(ALU), H87VP.1IX, H89V.1IX, H89VP.1IX, HB86C.2IX, HB86CIX, HD870C(ICE), HD870C(MR), HD870C(SL), HD870C.2(ICE), HD870C.2(MR), HD870C.2(SL), HO87EC(IX), HO87EC.2-EIX, HO87EC.2IX, HO87EF(ALU), HO87EF(BM), HO87EF(IX), HO87EF.1(ALU), HO87EF.1(BM), HO87EF.1-E(ALU), HO87EF.1-E(BM), HO87EF.1-EIX, HO87EF.1IX, HO87EF.2-ETDIX, HO97P.1-EIX, HR86T.1IX, HR87.1IX, HR87.1TIX, HR87P.1IX, OS 89 C IX, OS 89 IX, PB86C(IX), PB86C(WH), PB86C.2(IX), XF695.2, XF995.3 60HZ, A6IMPA1XAUS, A6MMC6AFXEX, A6TMC2CXAUS, A6TMH2AFXEX, A6TMH2FWEX, A6TMH2FWIL, A6TMH2FXIL, A6VMH60WAUS, A6VMH60XAUS, C312SP4(X)U, C312SP6(X)U, C347P.2(W)I, C347P.2(X)I, C347PWI, C347PXI, C348PT(W)U, C348PT(X)U, C348PT.2(W)U, C348PT.2(X)U, C348PV(X)U, C348PV.2(X)U, C349P.2(W)U, C349P.2(X)U, C349PV(X)U, C349PV.2(X)U, C349PWR, C349PWU, C349PXU, C34SP4(W)U, C34SP4(X)U, C35SP6(W)R, C35SP6(W)U, C35SP6(X)R, C35SP6(X)U, C60P1(W)SK230, C612SP6(X)T, C612SP6(X)U, C61F7(W)F, C61F8(W)F, C61P1(W)EX, C61P6(W)F, C61SP1(X)EU, C61SP6(X)T, C64SP4(W)IL, C64SP4(X)IL, C65F7(W)F, C65F7XF, C65F8(W)F, C65F8XF, C65P6XF, C65SF7(X)R, C65SF7(X)T, C65SF7XI, C65SF8(X)R, C65SF8(X)T, C65SF8XI, C65SF8XU, C65SP1(W)B, C65SP1(W)I, C65SP1(X)AG, C65SP1(X)I, C65SP2XB, C65SP4(W)R, C65SP4(X)R, C65SP6(W)U, C66SP6(A)U, C66SP6(W)NL, C66SP6(X)I, C66SP6(X)NL, C67SP2XI, CE60P1(W)GR, CE6IFA(W)F, CE6IFAXF, CE6VP6(W)EU, CP08SP6 DK, CP6480MT.2(X)F, CP648MT, CP648MT.2, CP648MT.2B, CP649FT.2, CP649FTDK, CP649MD, CP649MD(X)AUS, CP649MD.2, CP649MD.2(X)NL, CP649MT, CP649MT(X)DK, CP649MT.2, CP65S F8 DK, CP65SF8(FR), CP65SF8DK, CP758MT, CP758MT.2, CP759FT, CX109SV6(A)AUS, CX109SV6AAUSS, CX109SV6CRAUS, CX61FA(W)F, CX61P6(W)F, CX61SP6(X)T, CX61SP6XTS, CX64SP4(X)IL, CX650SP1(X)AG, CX65E9XF, CX65FA(W)F, CX65FAXF, CX65SEAXI, CX65SF9XU, CX65SFAXI, CX65SM2 X AUS, CX65SP1(W)B, CX65SP1(W)I, CX65SP1(W)IL, CX65SP1(X)AG, CX65SP1(X)I, CX65SP1(X)IL, CX65SP1WBS, CX65SP1XIS, CX65SP2XB, CX65SP2XNL, CX65SP4(W)R, CX65SP4(X)R, CX660SP6(X)AG, CX660SP6XAG, CX66SP6(A)U, CX66SP6(X)AG, PRO950 GT (X), A64IMCA1XAUS, C3V8P(W)U, C3V8P(X)U, C3V8P.2(W)U, C3V8P.2(X)U, C3V9P(W)U, C3V9P.2(W)U, C3V9PWR, C3VP6(W)R, C3VP6(X)R, C6VF7(X)R, C6VF8(X)R, C6VF8XU, C6VP1(W)B, C6VP1(W)SK230, C6VP1(X)SK230, C6VP4(W)R, C6VP4(X)R, C6VP6(A)U, C6VP6(X)T, CE6VP4(X)R, CE6VP5(W)GR, CE6VP5(X)GR, CE6VP6(A)U, CP6VF8 EE

S077EEK, S077EEW, S077EEX, S077EK, S077EW, S077EX


10450G, 10450GF, 10455G, 10455GF, 10456G, 10456GF, C50ECK, C50ECS, C50ECW, C50ECX, C50EKB, C50EKS, C50EKW, C50EKX, C50ELB, C50ELK, C50ELS, C50ELW, C50ELX, C60DPC, C60DPC(T), C60DPCF, C60DPX, C60DPX(T), C60DPXF, C60DTC, C60DTC(T), C60DTCF, C60DTX, C60DTX(T), C60DTXF, C60ETC, C60ETC(T), C60ETX(T), C90DPX



50HEP, 51TCW, 52TCW, AHP662K, AHP662X, AHP662X/1, AHP66X, AHP66X/1, AHP67X, AHP67X(T), AHP67X/1, AHP69PGX, AHP69PX, BS63B, BS63EB, BS63EK, BS63ES, BS63ET, BS63EW, BS63K, BS63N, BS63S, BS63W, BS73EX, BS73X, BS89EK, BS89EX, C385EWH, C60ETX, CH10450GF, CH10455GF, CH10456GF, CH60DPCF, CH60DPXF, CH60DTCF, CH60DTXF, CH60ETC, CH60ETX, DE89X/1, DE89X1, DE89X1(T), DH99CX, DQ89I, DQ89I(T), DQ89I/1, DSC50S, DX1032CX, DX892CX, EG1000EX, EG1000GX, EG600P, EG600X, EG902GX, EG94X, EG94X(T), EK50, EW36G, EW36K, EW36P, EW36X, EW38G, EW38K, EW38P, EW38X, EW48G, EW48K, EW48P, EW48X, EW50, EW84G, EW84G(T), EW84K, EW84K(T), EW84P, EW84P(T), EW84X, EW84X(T), FH103IX/HA, HAE51K, HAE51P, HAE51X, HUE52G, HUE52K, HUE52P, HUE52X, HUE53G, HUE53K, HUE53P, HUE53X, HUE62G, HUE62K, HUE62P, HUE62X, HW160EC, HW160EW, HW170EK, HW170EW, SC77EK, SC77EW, SC77EX, SC87EX, SC88X, SC98PAX, SC98X, SD97EI, SD97EK, SD97EW, SD97I, SD97K, SD97PC, SD97EH, SD97PEI, SD97PI, SD97W, SD98PAI, SD98PI, SE1002X, SE100PX, SE1012X, SE101PGX, SE101PX, SE1022X, SE102PX, SE1032X, SE103PGX, SE481012GX, SE481012X, SE48101PGX, SE48101PX, SE48L1012GX, SE48L1012X, SE48R1012GX, SE48R1012X, SE61X, SE651X, SE661X, SE661X/1, SE662K/1, SE861X, SE861X/1, SE872X, SE87PX, SE89PGX, SH103PX, SH83CK, SH83CX, SH83K, SH83X, SH89CX, SH89PX, SQ102PI, SQ103PGI, SQ61I, SQ61T, SQ661I, SQ661I/1, SQ661T, SQ872I, SQ872T, SQ892I, ST87EX, ST87X, ST98PAX, ST98PX, SX1038LCX, SX1038LPX, SX1038NCX, SX1046LPX, SX1049LCX, SX898CX, SY86P, SY89PG, UE89X/1, UE89X1, UE89X1(T), UQ89I, UQ89I(T), UQ89I/1, UX892CX.

This is a high quality compatible, alternative product.
It is designed to provide a cost effective working solution
to the genuine original equivalent,
offering you a substantial cost saving against the original part.

All manufacturers’ names and numbers are used for reference purposes only.

bartyspares are a long-established UK based family owned & run business .
Established in 1966 ,
All orders are dispatched the same working day,
Via Royal Mail Tracked delivery.