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for Hoover Candy C2, CM, CTG, CTH, CTY, GO; Hoover HNT, VHD Series Washing Machine NTC Probe

Washing Machine NTC Temperature Probe For Hoover & Candy
Equivalent to Part Number 41022107

Fits the following models: CDF8747X 47, CDF8753 12, CDF8815/1S, CDF8846/1 47, CDF8946 47, CDI02012/1S, CDI1010/2S, CDI1010/3, CDI1012/2 02, CDI1012/3 80, CDI1012/A 80, CDI1020 02, CDI1020/3 02, CDI1022 80, CDI1022/3 80, CDI2012/1 02, CDI2012/3 02, CDI2012/3S, CDI2012E10, CDI2012E10S, CDI2212E10, CDI2212E10/3, CDI22E10 80, CDI22E10/1, CDI22E10/3, CDI2612 47, CDI3515/1 02, CDI3515/1S, CDI3515/3 02, CDI3515/3S, CDI3530 80, CDI3530/3 S, CDI3530S, CDI3553 02, CDI3553/3 02, CDI3593 02, CDI36E10 47, CDI36E10/1, CDI4312 47, CDI5012E10/1, CDI6310 47, CDP1290 47, CDP2570X 47, CDP2580 47, CDP6322, CDP6350, CDP6350 01, CDP6650 12, CDP6650X 01, CDP6653, CDP6653 01, CDP6653X, CDP6653X 01, CDP6753, CDP6753X, CDP7022 47, CDP9022 47, CDPE6320, CDPE6320 80, CDPE6320 86, CDPE6320S, CDPE6320X, CDS155X/1S, CDS220N/1S, CDS220W/1S, CDS220X/1S, CDS221N 47, CDS221W 47, CDS330N 47, CDS330W 47, CDS330X 47, CDS420XS, CDS430N 47, CDS430W 47, CDS430X 47, CDS530N 47, CDS530W 47, CDS530X 47, CDS530X/1, CDS655XS, CEDS200X 84, CEDS30N 47, CEDS30W 47, CEDS30X 47, CEDS32X 47, CKDGO107DF, CKDGO128, CKDGO86/1, CKDGOF75, CKDGOF87-SYR, CL2087-85S, CL2117-01S, CM0860D-01, CM1612-80, CM2086-01, CM2106.5, CM2106-01, CM2106-16S, CM21065, CM2106S-01S, CM2116/1-47, CM2126-03S, CM2136-47, CM2146-47, CM2146-86S, CM2166-86S, CM2610-37, CM2611S-37, CMF065-01S, CMF105-84S, CMF106-01S, CMF125-84S, CMF145-84S, CO0855F-07S, CO0955F-07S, CO1055F-07S, CO105DF-16S, CO105F/1-16, CO105F-16S, CO1065F-12, CO106F/1-03, CO106F/2-03, CO107F-37S, CO108F-12, CO108F-37S, CO116F/1-47, CO116F-47, CO126F/2-84, CO126F-47, CO126F-84S, CO127DF/2-1, CO127DF-12, CO127DF-16S, CO128DF-12, CO136F-47, CO146DF-84, CO146F/1-14, CO146F/2-14, CO146F-14S, CO146F-84, CO166F/1-14S, CO166F/2-14, CO166F-14S, CO166F-84, CO217-47, CO372-47, COS085D-07S, COS085F-07S, COS095F-07S, COS105D-07S, COS105DF-16S, COS105F/1-16, COS105F-07S, COS105F-36S, COS125D/1-1, COS125D-07S, COS125D-16S, COS5108F-07S, COS588F-07S, CS2 094-03, CS2 104-03, CS2075-01

This is a high quality compatible, alternative product. 
It is designed to provide a cost effective working solution 
to the genuine original equivalent,
offering you a substantial cost saving against the original part. 

All manufacturers’ names and numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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Since 1966
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