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for DIMPLEX M-011B Opti-Myst Electric Fire Heater Glass Disk Transducer

  Opti Mist Glass Disk Transducer 
to fit Dimplex M-011B Electric Wall Fire

Fits models: Burbank: BBK20 (Series A - D), BBK20 (Series E) -- Danville:
 DNV20CH (Series A - Onward ), DNV20AB (Series A - C), 
DNV20BL (Series A - Onwards),
 DNV20BR (Series A - C) -- Moorefield: MFD20 (Series A) -- 
Oakhurst: OKT20 (Series A)
 -- Redway: RDY20 (Series A - D), RDY20 (Series E) -- 
Sacramento: SCR20 (Series A) 
-- Tahoe: TAH20 (Series A), TAH20 (Series E)
and models: Westbrook: WBK20 (Series A) --
Whitmore: WMR20 (Series A) -- Alameda:
 ALM20 (Series A) -- Auberry: AUB20 (Series A) -- 
Cassette: CAS600, CAS400NHLL,
 CAS400HLL, CAS600NH -- Remote Control: RTOPCS20, RTOPW20, RTOPI20BR, RTOPI20CH --
 Silverton: SVT20 (Series A)

Manufacturers' names & numbers
are used for reference purposes only. 
These parts are in no way associated with
the initial manufacturer’s parts. 
The Transducer may look slightly different
depending upon supply see photos. 
Both versions are fully interchangeable

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