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for DIMPLEX M-011B Opti-Myst Electric Fire Heater Glass Disk Transducer

  • Opty Mist Glass Disk Transducer for Dimplex M-011B Electric Wall Fire 
  • Fits models: Burbank: BBK20 (Series A - D), BBK20 (Series E) -- Danville: DNV20CH (Series A - Onward ), DNV20AB (Series A - C), DNV20BL (Series A - Onwards), DNV20BR (Series A - C) -- Moorefield: MFD20 (Series A) -- Oakhurst: OKT20 (Series A) -- Redway: RDY20 (Series A - D), RDY20 (Series E) -- Sacramento: SCR20 (Series A) -- Tahoe: TAH20 (Series A), TAH20 (Series E)
  • and models: Westbrook: WBK20 (Series A) -- Whitmore: WMR20 (Series A) -- Alameda: ALM20 (Series A) -- Auberry: AUB20 (Series A) -- Cassette: CAS600, CAS400NHLL, CAS400HLL, CAS600NH -- Remote Control: RTOPCS20, RTOPW20, RTOPI20BR, RTOPI20CH -- Silverton: SVT20 (Series A)
  • Manufacturers' names & numbers are used for reference purposes only. These parts are in no way associated with the initial manufacturer’s parts 
  • The Transducer may look slightly different depending upon supply see photos. 
    Both versions are fully interchangeable

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