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for BOSCH Washing Machine Door Hinge WAB12 WAB16 WAB20 WAB22 WAB24 WAB28 625486

Washing Machine Door Hinge for BOSCH 

Replaces Par Number :00625486

Fits models:

WAB12060BY, WAB12060TR, WAB12061TR, WAB16010TR, WAB16060BY, WAB16060II, WAB16060IL, WAB16060IN, WAB16060ME, WAB16060TR, WAB16061IN, WAB16061ME, WAB16061TR, WAB16061ZA, WAB16063PL, WAB1606SCY, WAB1606SZA, WAB16071CE, WAB16160IN, WAB16161IN, WAB16210TR, WAB16211TR, WAB16212TR, WAB16260IL, WAB16260IN, WAB16260ME, WAB16260TR, WAB16261IN, WAB16261ME, WAB16261TR, WAB16262ME, WAB16262TR, WAB16263TR, WAB20060BY, WAB20060EE, WAB20060GC, WAB20060GR, WAB20060II, WAB20060IL, WAB20060SN, WAB20061BY, WAB20061GR, WAB20063PL, WAB20064PL, WAB20066EE, WAB2006SBC, WAB20071CE, WAB2007KPL, WAB20082CE, WAB2021JPL, WAB20260BY, WAB20260EE, WAB20260GC, WAB20260GR, WAB20260II, WAB20260IL, WAB20260ME, WAB20260TR, WAB20261BY, WAB20261EE, WAB20261II, WAB20261ME, WAB20261TR, WAB20262BY, WAB20262IR, WAB20262ME, WAB20262PL, WAB20262TR, WAB20262UA, WAB20263PL, WAB20264PL, WAB20264TR, WAB20266EE, WAB20267IN, WAB20268IN, WAB20268ZA, WAB2026APL, WAB2026FPL, WAB2026KPL, WAB2026PPL, WAB2026QPL, WAB2026SKE, WAB2026SME, WAB2026SPL, WAB2026SZA, WAB2026TPL, WAB2026YPL, WAB20272CE, WAB2027FPL, WAB2027KPL, WAB2027SME, WAB2027SPL, WAB2028FPL, WAB2028JPL, WAB2028KPL, WAB2028SPL, WAB2029JPL, WAB202S0TR, WAB202S1ME, WAB202S1TR, WAB202S2IR, WAB202S2ME, WAB202S2TR, WAB22066EE, WAB24060, WAB24060BY, WAB24060GB, WAB24060SN, WAB24063PL, WAB24066EE, WAB24161GB, WAB24166SN, WAB24210FF, WAB24211FF, WAB24220, WAB24260BY, WAB24260EE, WAB24260GB, WAB24260GR, WAB24260IL, WAB24260SN, WAB24261BY, WAB24261EE, WAB24261SN, WAB24262BY, WAB24262GB, WAB24262PL, WAB24262SN, WAB24262UA, WAB24263PL, WAB24264PL, WAB24266EE, WAB2426PPL, WAB24272CE, WAB2428SCE, WAB28060, WAB28060FG, WAB28060GB, WAB28060NL, WAB28061GB, WAB280K0NL, WAB28160NL, WAB28161FG, WAB28161GB, WAB28162GB, WAB281C0CH, WAB28210FF, WAB28211FF, WAB28220, WAB28220CH, WAB28221, WAB28222, WAB28260FG, WAB28260GB, WAB28260NL, WAB28260SN, WAB28261FG, WAB28261GB, WAB28261NL, WAB28261SN, WAB28262FG, WAB28262NL, WAB28266SN, WAB28270, WAB28280, WAB28296SN, WAB282A1CH, WAB282A2CH, WAB282B6SN, WAB282E0SN, WAB282E1SN, WAB282ECO, WAB282G0, WAB282H0, WAB282H1, WAB282H2, WAB282HE, WAB282MK, WAB282V0, WAB282V1, WAB28F21CH, WAB28F22CH

This is a high quality compatible, alternative product. 
It is designed to provide a cost effective working solution 
to the genuine original equivalent,
offering you a substantial cost saving against the original part. 

All manufacturers’ names and numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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Since 1966
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