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Fits Dyson Tp06 Hp06 Ph01 Ph02 Pure Cool Hepa Purifier Carbon Filter 970341-01

Compatible Dyson HP06, PH01, PH02, TP06 Series 

Pure Humidify and Cool Type Combi 360° Glass HEPA and Activated 

Carbon Fan Filter
Full Model Fit List

DP04 Pure Cool

HP04 Pure Hot+Cool

HP06 Pure Hot+Cool Cryptomic

HP07 Hot+Cool

HP09 Hot+Cool Formaldehyde

PH01 Pure Humidify+Cool

PH02 Pure Humidify+Cool Cryptomic

PH03 Pure Humidify+Cool Cryptomic

PH04 Pure Humidify+Cool Cryptomic

TP04 Pure Cool

TP06 Pure Cool Cryptomic

TP07 Cool

TP09 Cool Formaldehyde