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Fan Oven Heater Heating Element for TEKA 2000W


2000W Fan Oven Heater Element for TEKA Cookers HI595 & Many More

Compatible / Genuine:

Compatible with Part Number(s): 83040744

Fits Models: DHA-888, DHA-888VR00, DHA-888VR01, HA-850, HA-85024050-60E00502, HA-850327, HA-850C, HA-850CVR00, HA-850CVR01, HA-850CVR02, HA-850CVR03, HA-850CVR04, HA-850VR01, HA-850VR02, HA-850VR03, HA-850VR04, HA-850VR0524050-60E00, HA-890, HA-89024050-60E00502, HA-890327, HA-890C, HA-890CVR00, HA-890CVR01, HA-890CVR02, HA-890CVR03, HA-890CVR04, HA-890VR01, HA-890VR02, HA-890VR03, HA-890VR04, HA-890VR0424050-60E00, HA-890VR0524050-60E00, HC-590, HC-59023050E00312, HC-590VR01, HC590WH, HC590WHVR01, HI-575, HI-575405, HI-575VR01, HI-575VR02, HI595, HI-595, HI-59523050E00315, HI-595VR01, HI-595VR02, HI-735, HI-735223, HI-73523050E01319, HI-73523050E02320, HI-73523060E00318, HI-735ME, HI-735ME23050E01319, HI-735ME233, HI-735ME2350E02320, HI-735MEVR01, HI-735MEVR0223050E01, HI-735MEVR0223050E02, HI-735MEVR03, HI-735MEVR0323050E01, HI-735MEVR0323050E02, HI-735MEVR04, HI-735MEVR05, HI-735MEVR06, HI-735VR01, HI-735VR0123060, HI-735VR0123060E01, HI-735VR0223050E01, HI-735VR0223050E02, HI-735VR0223060E00, HI-735VR0223060E01, HI-735VR03, HI-735VR0323050E01, HI-735VR0323050E02, HI-735VR0323060E00, HI-735VR04, HI-735VR05, HI-735VR06, HX-760, HX-760E, HX-760EVR00, HX-760VR00, HX-790, HX-790VR00, TH-630EI505, UN-BID900S

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