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Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Turbo Turbine Tool Head

Replacement Turbo Brush To Fit Dyson Vacuum Cleaners.

Product Features: Push on adapter for easy fitting, Turbo suction with no extra power required,
Turbo Inspection Cover, 4 underside wheels for easy operation,
See through front inspection cover that simply un-clips for easy access to roller bar,
Suction control switch for thick and thin pile carpets.

This Is An Exceptionally Well Made Quality Turbo Tool To Fit Dyson Vacuums.

Improve suction performance with this premium high quality compatible air driven turbo brush tool
for your Dyson vacuum cleaner. Designed for tiles, carpets and general household use.

This high quality compatible part is up to 60% cheaper than it's genuine counterpart,
saving you money but still giving you quality cleaning power.
This replacement turbine head is effective against dust and dirt removal on all floor surfaces.
Stiff nylon bristles rotate at high speed to agitate carpet pile and dislodge ground-in dirt.

Compatible / Genuine: Compatible

Compatible with Genuine Part Number(s):

Fits Models: DC01 DC02 DC03 DC04 DC05 DC07 DC08 (exept DC08 Telescopic) DC11 DC14 DC15 DC17 DC18ย DC19 DC20 DC22 DC23 DC24 DC26 DC27 DC28 DC32 DC33 DC38 DC39 DC40 DC41 DC47 DC49 DC50 DC54

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