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Drain Pump for Bosch Siemens Waa Wfd Wfo Wae Wfl Wfr Wvt Wxl Washing Machine


Bosch WFB, WVF, WFF, WFL Series Washing Machine Pump

Compatible / Genuine: Compatible 

Compatible with Part Number(s): 144978

Fits Models: BOSCH Exclusive 500, 900, 900d, WFB1005, WFB1005BY/33, WFB1005IG/33, WFB1005II/33, WFB1205IE/33, WFB1205PL/33, WFB1207, WFB1207II/33, WFB1602, WFB1602BY/33, WFB1602EU/33, WFB1602GB/33, WFB1602SN/33, WFB1604IE/33, WFB1604PL/09, WFB1604PL/10, WFB1605, WFB1605AU/33, WFB1605BY/33, WFB1605DD/33, WFB1605EE/33, WFB1605FF/33, WFB1605GB/33, WFB1605GR/33, WFB1605IG/33, WFB1605IL/33, WFB1605NL/33, WFB1605SN/33, WFB1614, WFB1614PL/33, WFB1640, WFB1640EU/33, WFB1670, WFB1805FF/33, WFB1805, WFB2002, WFB2002EU/33, WFB2002NL/33, WFB2002SN/33, WFB2004FG/33, WFB2004GB/33, WFB2004NL/33, WFB2005GB/36, WFB2005AU/33, WFB2005BY/33, WFB2005CH/33, WFB2005DD/33, WFB2005FF/33, WFB2005IG/33, WFB2005NL/33, WFB2005PL/33, WFB2005SN/33, WFB2040EU/33, WFB2405GB/36, WFB2405SN/33, WFB WFB3200, WFB3240, WFB4001GB, WFB4002GB, WFB4040, WFB4800GB, WFD2460GB, WVF2000GB/33, WVF2000GB/34, WVF2000GB/36, WVF2400GB/34, WVF2401GB, WFF1081/14, WFF1111EE, 01, WFF1291/01, WFF1291FG/01, WFF1810/01, WFL226LGB, WFL245SGB, WFL1200BY/01, WFL1200II/01, WFL1200PL/01, WFL1300EE/01, WFL1400II/01, WFL1600BY/01, WFL1600EE/01, WFL1600FF/01, WFL1600PL/01, WFL1660II/01, WFL1860FF/01, WFL2000GB/01, WFL2000SN/01, WFL2050/01/WFL2050CH/01, WFL2050FG/01, WFL2050NL/01, WFL2060/01, WFL2060BY/01, WFL2060EE/01, WFL2060EU/01, WFL2060FF/01, WFL2060PL/01, WFL2060RU/01, WFL2060SN/01, WFL2080/01, WFL2080FG/01, WFL2080NL/01, WFL2200SN/01, WFL2260GB, WFL2260UK/01, WFL2261GB/01, WFL2450GB/01, WFL2450CH/01, WFL2460/01, WFL2460BY/01, WFL2460EE/01, WFL2460FF/01, WFL2460RU/01, WFL247GNL/01, WFL2480/01, WFL245SGB, WFL2000GB, WFL2260GB, WFL2260UK, WFL2450GB: SIEMENS Siwamat 2055, 2065, 2082, 2085, 2102, 2105, 2125 WD31000GB/33, WH54080GB, WH54880GB, WASH & DRY 3100, 3120, 31201, WM2095, WM20550, WM20650, WM23200, WM24000 WM24800, WM24840, WM5487AGB, WM20850GB/36, WM21050GB/33, WM21050GB/36, WM21250GB/33, WM21250GB/36 WM24000GB: BALAY Vario LI4601, LI4611.LI710, WFV: CONSTRUCTA THOMSON Viva duo 550, 800, 900, 1000, 1200, T8211, T8214, T8216, T8231, T8251, TE611, TE748, TE806, TE826, TE827, TE834, TE835, TE836, TE837, TE899, TE8272, TE8273, TE8294, TE8295, TS410, TS611, TS718, TS720, TS803, TS804, TS805, TS813, TS815, TS823, TS824, TS825, TS832, TS833, TS834, TS835, TS852, TS898, TS8225, TS8225, TS8247, TS8950, TS8997:

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