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Vax Force 2 & 3 Vacuum Cleaner Hoover Carpet / Hard Floor Tool Head Brush


VAX 6131 Vacuum Hoover 32mm Combination Floor Brush Tool Cleaner Head 270mm

Replacement combination floor tool for VAX vacuum cleaner 32mm fitting 270mm width. The combination floor tool vacuums both carpets and hard floors. To swap between carpet and hard flooring, you simply push the switch located on the top of the floor tool.

Compatible / Genuine: Compatible 

Compatible with Part Number(s): 1112496100

Fits Models: 

Force 2 V-118, Force 2 V-118SP, Force 2 Pet V-118CP, Force 3 All Terrain VZL-118AT, Force 3   Complete VZL-118C, Force 3 Pet VZL-118P, Force 3 Pets & Stairs VZL-118PS

Mach 1 VZL-7071

Mach 1 VZL-7011A

Mach 1 VZL-7071A

Mach 1 C90-M1-B

Mach 1 All Terrain VZL-7011AT

Mach 1 Complete C90-M1-C

Mach 1 Pet VZL-7011P

Mach 1 Pet C90-M1-P-A

Mach 1 Stairs VZL-7011S

Mach 2 VZL-7022 

Mach 2 VZL-7022HF

Mach 2 Pet VZL-7022P

Mach 3 Complete/Allergy C91-M3-G-A

Mach 4 Pet C91-M4-P

Mach 4 Stairs C91-M4-S

Mach 5 VZL-7015

Mach 5 All Terrain VZL-7015AT

Mach 5 All Terrain C91-M5-AT-A

Mach 5 Complete C90-M5-C

Mach Pet VZL-7071P

Mach Zen C91-MZ-B

Mach Zen Pet C91-MZ-P