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20 Hoover Telios Arianne Sensory H30 H52 Dust Bags & Air Fresheners vacuum


Replacement Type H30+ Dust Bagsย  & Air Fresh to fit Hoover Arianne Telios Sensory Vacuum Cleaners (20 Pack)

Fits models: Arianne T1700, Arianne T2000, Arianne T2001, Arianne T2100, Arianne T2110, Arianne T2200, Arianne T2210, Arianne T2211, Arianne T2220, Arianne T2230, Arianne T2305, Arianne T2310, Arianne T2311, Arianne T2320, Arianne T2330, Arianne T2331, Arianne T2405, Arianne T2485, Arianne T2505, Arianne T2605, Arianne T2705, Arianne T2740, Arianne T5503, Arianne T5637, Arianne T2425, Arianne T2435, Arianne T2440 , Arianne T5503, Arianne T2555, Arianne T5404, Telios T4300, Telios T4310, Telios T4311, Telios T4400, Telios T4410, Telios T4420, Telios T4430, Telios T4514, Telios T4546, Telios T2300, Telios T2400, Telios T4405, Telios T4412, Telios T4500, Telios T4536, Telios T5500, Telios T5515, Telios T5600, Telios T5603, Telios T5610, Pets T5625, Pets T5636, Pets T5637, Pets T5715, Sensory T5604, Sensory TS1623, Sensory TS1724, Sensory TS1828, Sensory TS1844, Sensory TS2046
Superb quality, fully compatible replacement dust bags
Pack of 20 air freshener sticks for vacuum cleaners Pink Flower Fresh Scent
Universal use Air Fresheners -just pop into your dust bag or your collection bin and the freshener stick gets to work straight away, releasing fragrance into the airflow and out of the machine to breathe freshness into your home without overpowering it
Refreshing and long lasting Pink Flower Fresh Scent scented fragrance

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