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AEG Microwave Plate Smooth Flat Glass Turntable Dish 270mm / 27cm


Compatible / Genuine: Compatible 

If your original plate is approximately 270mm / 10.6" in diameter and as shown in the photograph then this should fit.

Compatible with Part Number(s):  4055382263

Fits Models:

MC1751EA, MC1751E-A, MC1751E-B, MC1751E-D, MC1751EM, MC1751E-M, MC1751EW, MC1751E-W, MC1752E-A, MC1752E-B, MC1752E-D, MC1752E-M, MC1752E-W, MC1753E-M, MC1753E-W, MC1761EA, MC1761E-A, MC1761E-B, MC1761E-D, MC1761EM, MC1761E-M, MC1761E-N, MC1761EW, MC1761E-W, MC1762E-A, MC1762E-B, MC1762E-M, MC1762E-W, MC1763E-B, MC1763E-D, MC1763E-M, MC1763E-W, MCD1751E-d, MCD1751E-M, MCD1751E-w, MCD1752E-M, MCD1753E-M, MCD1761, MCD1761E-D, MCD1761EM, MCD1761E-M, MCD1761E-w, MCD1762E-M, MCD1763E-M

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