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TWO SF-AH50 SFAH50 Active HEPA Filter for Miele 5000 6000 8000 series vacuum Cleaner


 TWO Active HEPA Filters for Miele 5000 6000 8000 series vacuum Cleaner

Compatible / Genuine: Compatible 

High quality Hepa filter that will retain 99.995% of all dust particles.

Compatible with Part Number(s): SF-AH50 , SFAH50 , 27-ML-04 , FLT9346 , 9616280 , FIL412

Fits Models:

S4261, S4562, S2110, S5000, S2111, S4262, S4580, S5210, S4000, S4280, S4581, S5211, S4210, S4281, S4582, S5220, S4211, S4282, S4711, S5221, S4212, S4510, S4712, S5260, S4212, Plus, S4511, S4780, S5261, S4221, S4512, S4781, S5280, S4222, S4560, S4782, S5281, S4260, S4561, S4812, S5310, S5311, S5481, S5980, S6290, S5321, S5510, S5981, S6310, S5360, S5520, S6210, S6320, S5361, S5560, S6220, S6330, S5380, S5580, S6230, S6340, S5381, S5710, S6240, S6350, S5410, S5711, S6250, S6360, S5411, S5760, S6260, S6390, S5421, S5780, S6270, S6710, S5480, S5781, S6280, S6730, S6760, S8330, S8390, S8710, S6780, S8340, S8510, S8730, S6790, S8360, S8520, S8790, S8310, S8370, S8530, S8930, S8320, S8380, S859

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