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Bosch & Neff Microwave Oven 345mm Turntable Glass Plate

Quality replacement glass 345mm turntable plate for your  microwave. Complete with 3 small pips & indentations on base of glass plate to enable it to sit securely on the centre support dishwasher safe

Compatible / Genuine: Compatible 

Compatible with Part Number(s): 345mm, 75-UN-08

Fits many Models Including : HMT8626GB/02, HMT93660EU/01, HMT93660EU/02, HMT93660EU/03, HMT9366EU/01, HMT9366EU/02, HMT9626GB/03, HMT9656GB/02, HMT9656GB/03, HMT96660B/02, HMT96660GB/01, HMT9666GB/01, HMT9666GB/02, HMT9676AU/01, HMT9726/01, HMT9756EU/01, HMT9756EU/02, HMT9756EU/03, HMT9766/01, HMT9806/01, HMT9826EU/01, HMT9846/01, HMT9866/01, HMT98660/01

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