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Lamp light bulb For Samsung Microwave Ovens 4713-001046 T170 25w


Replacement Lamp,ย  For Samsung Microwave Ovens.

Specification: T170 Base, 25 Watt, 240 Volt, 90 deg 2-Pin Connection, Approx 5-6mm Between Terminals.

Fits Models: CK95, CK136, CK910, CK940, CK99, 2080E, AFM141, C100, C101, C103, C104, C105, C106, C107, C108, C109, C130, C131, C138, C139, CE101, CE102, CE104, CE105, CE105K, CE106, CE107, CE108, CE1110, CE1141, CE1151, C1153, CE115, CE101K, CE1160, CE116, CE117, CE118, CE119, CE2611, CE2618, CE2713, CE2714, CE2717, CE2719, CE2727N, CE271, CE2727, CE2733, CE2774, CE2777, CE2777N, CE2815, CE2815, CE2817, CE281, CE2827, CE282, CE283, CE2874, CE2875, CE2877, CE287, CE291, CE292, CE297, CK135, CK136,CK138, CK139,CK910, CK920, CK940,CK95, CK98, CK99, CM1039, CM1049,FC139, G2711, G2712, G2719, G271, G2736, G2739, M105, M125, M1600, M1610, M1611, M1618, M1630, M1638, M1711, M1712, MI712N, M1713, M1714, M1716, M1717, M1719, M171, M1727, M1732, M1733, M1733N, M1736, M1739, M1777, M1815, M1817, M181, M1827, M182, M183, M1874, M1875, M1877, M187, M191, M1927, M192, M197, M225, M299, MC181, MFC32, MGA20, MGB22, MSA20, MSB22, MW007, PGU113, PG117, PG831, RE1300, RE1310, RE1320, RE1330, TMW-32, ZMU17, CE1031.

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