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HOTPOINT / INDESIT TVM560 TVM562 TVM570 TVM572 Tumble Dryer Vent Hose & Adaptor Kit

Vent Hose & Connector  to fit Hotpoint & Indesit Tumble Dryers 
(Hose length: 2.5 Metres, Diameter 10cm, Adaptor Included)
Part Number: 9037
Fits Models:-
TVM560, TVM562, TVM570 & TVM572
VTD00 VTD20 & CTD00, TCM570 & TCM580, 17660, 17660/2, 17760, 9305P, 9305PE, 9305W, 9306A, 9306P, 9306PE, 9306W, 9315A, 9315W, 9317W/1, 9318A, 9318P, 9318PE, 9318W, 9320A, 9320W, 9324A, 9324P, 9324W, 9326W/1, 9327A, 9327P, 9327PE, 9327W, 9328P, 9328W, 9329W, 9330A, 9330P, 9330W, 9334A, 9334P, 9334W, 9339A, 9339P, 9339PE, 9340A, 9340P, 9340W, 9344A, 9344P, 9344W, 9345A, 9345P, 9345PE, 9345W, 9349A, 9349P, 9349W, 9370W, 93730, 93730/2, 93732, 93732/2, 9375P, 9385B, 9385P, TDL10P, TDL11P, TDL12P, TDL13P, TDL14P, TDL15P, TDL30N, TDL30P, TDL30S, TDL31N, TDL31P, TDL31S, TDL31YS, TDL32N, TDL32P, TDL32S, TDL34N, TDL34P, TDL34S, TDL52N, TDL52P, TDL52S, TDL54N, TDL54P, TDL54S, TDL60N, TDL60P, TDL60S, TDL60YS, TDL62N, TDL62P, TDL62S, TL11P, TL11W, TL12P, TL14P, TL21A, TL21P, TL21W, TL22A, TL22P, TL22W, TL31A, TL31P, TL31W, TL32A, TL32P, TL32W, TL41A, TL41P, TL41W, TL42A, TL42P, TL42W, TL43A, TL43P, TL43W, TL51A, TL51P, TL51W, TL52A, TL52P, TL52W, TL61N, TL61P, TL61PE, TL61X, TL62H, TL62N, TL62P, TL62T, TL62U, TL62X, TL63PE, TL64PE, TL65PE, TL71N, TL71P, TL71S, TL71X, TL72PE, TS11P, TS11W, TS12A, TS12P, TS12PE, TS12W, TS13P, TS14P, TVM35A, TVM55A, TVM65A, V3D00P, VTD00G, VTD00P, VTD00T, VTD20G, VTD20P, VTD20T, VTD60G, VTD60P, VTD60T, VTD65A, 9305, 6306, 9371, 9326, TDL10, TDL11, TDL30 TDL60, TL11, TL12, TL22, TS11, TS12

IS60, IS70, IDV65 & IDC75, CLASSIC2000T, G73V, G73VU, G73VUEX, G74EXPAI, G74V, G74VEX, G74VEX60, G74VEXPAI, G74VFR, G74VNL, G74VS, G74VSK, G84VEX, G84VNL, IS60V, IS60VEX, IS60VEXPAI, IS60VFR, IS60VNL, IS60VS, IS60VSK, IS60VU, ISL60V, ISL60VEX, ISL60VNL, ISL60VSK, TD1000, TD101, TD105, TD205, TD2591, TD305, TD82, TD85, TD86, TD87

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