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for Gaggenau Fridge Freezer Hinges 3702 5.0 3703 5.0 3306 5.0 3307 5.0 41.5


Compatible  Fridge & Freezer Door Hinges 
 Replaces Part number: 481147

Sold In Pairs (For Right Or Left Hanging Doors) Top & Bottom Hinges

Your Hinges Are Stamped Inside With 3702 5.0 And 3703 5.0 Which Can Be Seen With The Hinge In Place.
They Also Have A Stamp Mark 41.5 On The Reverse Side.

Photos and part numbers are for identification purposes only.

There Is Also Another Number To Check This Can Only Be Seen When The Door Is
Removed As Its On The Reverse Side And It Is Stamped With 3306 5.0 And 3307 5.0

These Hinges Fit Diagonally Opposite Each Other Depending On The Side The Door Is Hung.

It Is Also Highly Recommended That Both Hinges Are Replaced

Fits the following models



IC19122001, IC191220/01 IC19122002, IC191220/02 IC19123003, IC191230/03 IC19123004, IC191230/04 IC19123005, IC191230/05 IC19123006, IC191230/06 IC19123007, IC191230/07 IC19123008, IC191230/08 IC19123031, IC191230/31 IC19123032, IC191230/32 IC191230NE03, IC191230NE/03 IC191230NE04, IC191230NE/04 IC191230NE05, IC191230NE/05 IC191230NE06, IC191230NE/06 IC191230NE31, IC191230NE/31 IC191230NE32, IC191230NE/32 IC19193001, IC191930/01 IC19193002, IC191930/02 IC19193003, IC191930/03 IC19293001, IC192930/01 IC19293002, IC192930/02 IC19293003, IC192930/03 IC19293004, IC192930/04 IC19293005, IC192930/05 IC20013002, IC200130/02 IC20013003, IC200130/03 IC20013004, IC200130/04 IC20013005, IC200130/05 IC20013031, IC200130/31 IG411109, GILGGC2/41 IG421110, GILGGF3/42 IK11412231, IK114122/31 IK411115, KIRGGL2/31 IK42212001, IK422120/01 IK426122, KIRGGT2/31 IK42722231, IK427222/31 IK42722232, IK427222/32 IK42722233, IK427222/33 IK431114, KILGGJ2/41 IK436120, KILGGR2/31 IK43712031, IK437120/31 IK43712032, IK437120/32 IK96112331, IK961123/31 IK96112332, IK961123/32 IK96112333, IK961123/33 IK96112631, IK961126/31 IK96112632, IK961126/32 IK96112633, IK961126/33 RB28020001, RB280200/01 RB28020101, RB280201/01 RB28030001, RB280300/01 RB28090001, RB280900/01 RC22020001, RC220200/01 RC22020002, RC220200/02 RC22210001, RC222100/01 RC22210002, RC222100/02 RC22210003, RC222100/03 RC22210004, RC222100/04 RC22210005, RC222100/05 RC22210006, RC222100/06 RC23116101, RC231161/01 RC23116102, RC231161/02 RC23116103, RC231161/03 RC24220001, RC242200/01 RC24220002, RC242200/02 RC24290001, RC242900/01 RT22020001, RT220200/01 RT22020101, RT220201/01 RT22210001, RT222100/01 RT22210002, RT222100/02 RT22210003, RT222100/03 RT22210004, RT222100/04 RT22210101, RT222101/01 RT23116101, RT231161/01 RT23116102, RT231161/02 RT23116103, RT231161/03 RT24220001, RT242200/01 RT28210001, RT282100/01 RT28210002, RT282100/02 RT28210101, RT282101/01


This is a high quality compatible, alternative product. 

It is designed to provide a cost effective working solution 

to the genuine original equivalent, 

offering you a substantial cost saving against the original part. 

All manufacturers’ names and numbers are used for reference purposes only.

bartyspares are a long-established UK based family owned & run business 

Established in 1966 .

All orders are dispatched the same working day, 

Via Royal Mail Tracked delivery.


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