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Beko Dishwasher Heater Element Dwd4310 Dwd5410s Dwd5410w Dwd8650s 1888150100


Replacement 230V 1800 Watt Dishwasher Heating Element 
 to fit dishwashers (32mm).

Compatible / Genuine: Compatible 

Compatible with Part Number(s): 1888130100

Fits Models :


D3421FS, D3422FS, D3422FS-42, D3422FW, D3422FW-42, DE2431FS, DE2431FW, DE2541FS, DE2541FW, DE2541FX, DE3430FS, DE3430FW, DE3431FS, DE3431FW, DE3541FS, DE3541FW, DE3542FS, DE3542FW, DE3761FS, DE3761FW, DE3762FS, DE3762FW, DE3861FS, DE3861FW, DE6340S, DE6340W, DSFN1530B, DSFN1530W, DW450, DW600, DWD4310S, DWD4310W, DWD5410S, DWD5410W, DWD8650S, DWD8650W, DWD8650X, DWD8657S, DWD8657W, DWD8657X, DWLT65, DWLT68, FDW45


ADP8630, ADP8640


HJA8362, HJA8630, HJA8640

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