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for KARCHER Pressure Washer Start Capacitor 25uf T200 T250 T300 K3 K4 K5 K6


for  KARCHER Pressure Washer Start Capacitor 25uf 

Compatible / Genuine:  Compatible 

 Part Number(s): Replaces 90850130

Fits Models: 

All K3, K4, K5 & K6 series with a capacitor rated at 25uf including:

K3, K3.160, K3.200, K3.20M, K3.20M Plus T200, K3.20M Plus T250, K3.440, K3.450, K3.450 T250 CCK TV, K3.460, K3.47M Plus, K3.480, K3.480.T250, K3.48M Plus, K3.500, K3.500 Car Kit, K3.500 DR150, K3.500 Garden, K3.500 RWB, K3.500 T250, K3.500 T50, K3.510 T250 RWB, K3.530 T250, K3.540, K3.550, K3.550 DR, K3.550 T250, K3.570 T250, K3.575 T250 Jubilee, K3.600, K3.60MD Plus T300 VFB, K3.610 T250, K3.65 Jubilee, K3.65MD, K3.65MD Plus, K3.65MD Plus T250, K3.66MD Plus RWB, K3.68M Plus, K3.68M Plus WB, K3.68MD Plus, K3.68MD Soccer Bundle, K3.695, K3.700, K3.86, K3.86M, K3.87M, K3.900M Plus, K3.900M Plus T250, K3.900M Plus T250 RWB, K3.900MD Plus, K3.900MD Plus T250 RWB, K3.91 MD WRC, K3.91.MD Plus RWB T100, K3.91M, K3.91MD Plus, K3.91MD Plus RWB, K3.91MD Plus T250, K3.91MD Plus WRC, K3.93M Plus, K3.960M Plus, K3.960M Plus T200, K3.960M Plus T250, K3.960M-F1, K3.96M Plus, K3.97M, K3.97M DeLuxe, K3.97M Fifa, K3.97M Plus, K3.97M-4F, K3.97M-F, K3.97M-F1, K3.97M-PL, K3.97M-PL-F1, K3.97M-PL-WB-F, K3.97MB-PL-WB, K3.97MD Plus, K3.980M-RWB, K3.98M Plus, K3.98M Plus T200, K3.990M Plus, K3.99M, K3.99M 230-240V 1PH, K3.99M PL T200, K3.99M Plus, K3.99M Plus T250, K3.99M Plus WB, K3.99M Special, K3.99M-4F-RWB, K3.99M-F, K3.99M-PL, K3.99M-PL-TR, K3.99MD-PL, K3.99MD-PL-RWB, K300, K300 B, K300 MPLUSTV, K300 Plus, K300B, K300M, K300M Plus, K300M Plus TV, K300M PlusTV, K300M-P-Hornbach, K305 PLUS, K305 Plus, K391MD Plus, K3960 M PLUS, K397MB Plus, K399M Plus, K4, K4 Car, K4 Car & Home T250, K4 Home T250, K4 Home Wood T250, K4 Premium, K4 Premium Car, K4 Premium Car & Home T250, K4 Premium Home T250, K4 Premium Home Wood T250, K4.00 Eco Silent 127V, K4.00 Eco Silent 220V, K4.00 Eco Silent ALU, K4.20M Plus T250, K4.44, K4.44 T250, K4.450, K4.500, K4.500 T250, K4.50MD-PL-RWB, K4.600, K4.600 RWB, K4.600 T250, K4.620 T250, K4.640, K4.650 Jubilee T250, K4.68MD ALU, K4.68MD Plus, K4.70, K4.700, K4.70M, K4.70M Plus, K4.70M Plus WB, K4.86M, K4.86M-PL-WBQ-V, K4.86MD, K4.88M-PL T200, K4.900M Plus T300, K4.900M T300, K4.91M, K4.91MD Plus, K4.91MD Plus T250, K4.91MD T200, K4.91MD T300, K4.92M Plus, K4.93MD, K4.94M Plus, K4.95M-PL-RWB, K4.960M, K4.960M T300, K4.96M Plus, K4.96M-PL-RWB, K4.97M, K4.97M Plus, K4.97M Plus RWB, K4.97M-4F-RWB, K4.97MD Plus WB, K4.98M, K4.98M Plus, K4.98M-PL T300, K4.98M-PL-SV, K4.98M-PL-WB-AL, K4.98MD Plus, K4.98MD-PL-ALU, K4.990MD Plus T250, K4.990MD-PL-RWB, K4.99M, K4.99M AGB, K4.99M Deluxe, K4.99M Plus, K4.99M Plus TR, K4.99M-4F-TR, K4.99MD-PL-RWB, K4.99MD-RWB-RR, K420MH, K445M-WB, K468MD Plus, K470M Plus RWB, K470M-PL Flex-WB, K470M-PL-WB, K491MDB Plus, K5.000M, K5.000M Plus, K5.000M-PL-WB, K5.04M Plus, K5.04M-PL-ALU, K5.04M-PL-WB-AL, K5.100M T100, K5.100MD Plus, K5.140M Deluxe, K5.50M, K5.50M Plus, K5.50M-PL-RWB, K5.50MH, K5.50MS Plus RWB, K5.50MS-PL-RWB, K5.51M Plus WB, K5.55 Jubilee, K5.55 Jubilee Plus T400, K5.55M, K5.55M PL RWB, K5.55M PL RWB T250, K5.55M Plus T100, K5.60M Plus, K5.60M Plus T300, K5.68 MD Plus T250, K5.68MD Plus, K5.68MD Plus RWB, K5.75 Jubilee Plus DR RR, K5.86M, K5.86M Plus, K5.86M-PL-RWB, K5.86MD, K5.86MD Plus T200 HC 60, K5.86MD T200 HC60, K5.87M, K5.87M Plus, K5.91M, K5.91MD Plus, K5.91MD Plus SWB, K5.91MD T250, K5.93M, K5.96 Plus M, K5000M PLUS, K5140M, K550 MH, K550M, K550M PLUS, K550MB, K551M Plus, K560M, K560M PLUS, K568MD, K591M, K591M 2006, K6.15M Plus WB, K6.15M-PL-WB, K6.15M-PL-WB-TR, K6.75 Jubilee, K6.75 Jubilee Plus T400, K6.75M, K6.75M-PL-WB T200, K6.75M-PL-WB T250, K6.90M PLUS, K6.90MD-PL-WB, K6.91M, K6.91MD, K6.91MD Plus, K6.91MD Plus T300, K6.91MD T300, K675 MPLWBT 200, K675M-PL-WB T200, K691MDB Plus, K855HS, K855HS Deluxe, K855HS Plus, K855HSL Plus, KB.3.99M Plus, KB4.99M Plus, KB403-WB, KB4040 MSWB, KB503, KB5050, KB6060, KB6060 C, KB6060C, KB802C, KB9030M-WB, ST HD511 C.

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