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Micro Mini Tool Cleaning Kit Desk PC for DYSON SV10 V7 V8 V10 Cordless Vacuum hoover


Car Vehicle Valet Micro Tool Kit Dyson Handheld Cordless  V7 V8 V10 

This highly effective and versatile micro cleaning kit will quickly clean all delicate appliances and difficult to reach places including your tv, computer, printer, car, home workshop bench plus many more uses.

Simply fit it to your existing vacuum cleaner and the nozzle can be reduced in size right down to 3mm. The Mini-Vac kit includes an adaptor, a 750mm x 15mm diameter extension tube,  brush head and a crevice tool. It's perfect for reaching the places no ordinary cleaner can. In the car it is ideal for cleaning out vents, around the radio, gear sock etc. In the home and workshop it has 1000's of uses, it will pick up all the bits while leaving nuts and vital screws etc in place. Clean around the computer and keyboard without the need for liquid cleaners. Recommended for cleaning hi-fi and video machines, sewing machines, printers etc.

Kit Contains:-
- Dyson attachment adaptor
- Pipe connector with adjustable suction fitting to regulate suction
- Flexible tube hose (length 750mm x 15mm diameter)
- Curved 'elbow' extension pipe
- Straight extension pipe 
- Wide oval brush 
- Thin (chamfered) crevice tool

Compatible / Genuine: Compatible 

Compatible with Part Number(s): 

Fits Models:  V7 V8 V10 

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