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Copy of Anti-Odour Carbon Filter for Neff Cooker Hood 220 x 235 x 21mm

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for , Neff,DHZ5226' Type Active Carbon Carbon Filter for Recirculating Cooker Hoods

Pack of One 

220mm x 235mm x 21mm

Fits models:


D66S23N0GB/01, D67S23N0GB/01, D76S34N0GB/01

 D86E21N0GB/01, D66S23N0GB/01, D67S23N0GB/01, D76S34N0GB/01, S51M53X0GB/01, D66S34N0GB/01, I89E34N0GB/01, I89E34N0GB/02, Z5134X5/01, D79S34N0GB/01, D87E34N0GB/01, D87E34S0GB/01, D89E34N0GB/01, D76S23N0GB/01, D69S34N0GB/01, D76M35N0GB/01, D89E21N0GB/01, D89E23N0/01, I89E34N0/01, D86E34S0GB/01, D86E34N0GB/01, I89E23N0/01, I89E23N0/02, D86E21N0/01, I87E34N0/01, D87E21N0GB/01, D89E21N0/01, D89E34N0/01, I89E34N0/02, D89E34S0GB/01, D86E23N0/01, D79F35N0GB/01, I79S44N0GB/01, D79E21N0GB/01, D79E21N0GB/02, D76E21N0GB/01, D76E21N0GB/02, D77S23N0GB/01, D77M24N0GB/01, D72E21N0GB/01, D72E34N0/01, D72E34N0/02, D72E34N0/03, D76E34N0/01, D76M23N0/01, D76M24N0GB/01, D76T21N0/01, D76T35N0/01, D79E34N0/01, D79M23N0/01, D79M24N0GB/01, D79M35N0/01, D79M35N0GB/01, D79T21N0/01, D79T35N0/01, D76F35N0GB/01

Replaces: 00744075, 744075, 00669419, Z5134X5, Z5131X5, Z5131X1

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to the genuine original equivalent,
offering you a substantial cost saving against the original part.

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