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2 X Charcoal Carbon Cooker Oven Hood Filters for Hygena Apl Apm App Series


Anti Odour Active Filter - Regularly replacing your cooker hood filters can greatly improve its effectiveness within your kitchen

Compatible / Genuine: Compatible 

Compatible with Part Number(s): CHA24 , FIL162 , CARBFILT2 ,  type 210

Fits Models:  Hygena APL2110, APL2111, APL2120, APL2121, APL2190, APL2210, APL2220, APL2310, APL2410, APL2412, APL2413, APL2420, APL2422, APL2742, APL2744, APL2745, APL2746, APL2747, APL2752, APL2762, APL2772, APM2111, APM2121, APM2210, APM2211, APM2213, APM2222, APM2223, APM2295, APM2310, APM2312, APM2320, APM2510, APM2511, APM2520, APM2521, APM2550, APM2590, APM2591, APM2592, APP2300, APP2310