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Cooker Fan Oven Element 1900W AEG DC4013001M DC4013021M DC7003000M DC7013001M

Fan Oven Heating Element For Zanussi AEG Electrolux Electric Cooker & Oven 1900W

Height: 223mm
Width: 205mm
Tags: 25mm
Bracket: 70mm



EIKM6047XN, EKC5544K, EKC5544W, EKC5545X, EKC603600K, EKC603600W, EKC603601X, EKC603602X, EKC6044K, EKC6044W, EKC6045X, EKC6046K, EKC6046W, EKC6047X, EKC6049X, EKM6044WN, EKM6045XN, EKM6047XN, EKT6045X, EOC6630K UK R05, EOC6630X UK R05, EOD33003K, EOD33003W, EOD33003X, EOD33003X -PILOT, EOD3410AOK, EOD3410AOW, EOD3410AOX, EOD43103K, EOD43103W, EOD43103X, EOD5410AAK, EOD5410AAW, EOD5410AAX, EOD5410AOW, EOD5410AOX, EOD5700AAK, EOD5700AAX, EOD67043K, EOD67043X, EOD68043X, EOU33003X, EOU43003K, EOU43003W, EOU43003X, EOU5410BAK, EOU5410BAW, EOU5410BAX, EOU5410BOX, EOU5700BOX, EOU63143X, ZOD35561WK

 ZKC5540S, ZKC5540W, ZKC5540X, ZKC6000W, ZKC6010W, ZKC6020S, ZKC6020W, ZKC6020X, ZKC6040S, ZKC6040W, ZKC6040X, ZKM6040SN, ZKM6040WN, ZKM6040XN, ZKT6050W, ZKT6050X, ZOD35561WK, ZOD35561XK, ZOD35702BK, ZOD35702XK, ZOD370W, ZOD370X, ZOD580N, ZOD580X, ZOD690X, ZOF35501WK, ZOF35501XK, ZOF35561XK, ZOF35702XK, ZOU270X, ZOU370N, ZOU370W, ZOU370X, ZOU580X

B5741-4-A UK, B5741-4-A UK, B5741-4-A UK R05, B5741-4-B UK, B5741-4-B UK, B5741-4-B UK R05, B5741-4-M UK, B5741-4-M UK, B5741-4-M UK R05, B5741-4-W UK, B5741-4-W UK, B8871-4-A UK, B8871-4-A UK, B8871-4-A UK R05, B8871-4-A UK R07, B8871-4-M UK, B8871-4-M UK, B8871-4-M UK R05, B8871-4-M UK R07, B8879-4-A UK, B8879-4-A UK, B8879-4-M UK, B8879-4-M UK, B9879-4-M UK, B9879-4-M UK, D31016-B, D31016-M, D31016-W, D4111-6-M, D41116-M, D67000VF-M, D67000VF-W, D77000GF-M, D77000GF-W, D8810-6-M, D88106-M, D98000VF-M, D98000VF-W, DC4003000M, DC4003020M, DC7003000M, DE4003000B, DE4003000M, DE4003020M, E8931-4-A NORDIC, E8931-4-A NORDIC, E8931-4-M NORDIC, E8931-4-M NORDIC, NC4003000M, NC4003020M, NC7003000M, U41116M, U4111-6-M, U4111-6-W, U88106-M

John Lewis 


 Tricity Bendix 

SE500/1X, SE501/1S, SE501/1W, SE558/1FPS, 


FDOV8/2, OV23 902-452-01

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to the genuine original equivalent,
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