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Compatible for Servis M3000-6000-9000 Series; Electra AWM1150A Drive Belt (1220J5EL)

Washing Machine Drive Belt 1220J5EL For Service Washing Machines

Equivalent to manufacturers part number: 416002700

Fits the following Servis models:

M3000CWS, M3000CWSM, M3001, M3009, M3010, M3010A, M3011, M3011A, M3022, M3024, M3094, M3101, M3101A, M3101A-1, M3102, M3102A, M3104, M3111A, M3114, M3115, M3115G, M3115S, M3115W, M3211, M3309, M3309W, M3311, M3311W, M3510, M3510B, M3510G, M3510S, M3510W, M3800, M3800A, M3904, M3905W, M6111, M6111A, M6115, M9010, M9010W, M9209, M9509W