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Charcoal Cooker Hood Carbon Filters Hygena APP2410 Cooker Hoods 08999613

  • Two Round Carbon Charcoal Filters to fit Hygena Cooker Hood / Vent Extractors
  • Fits models: Brant AD236BE1, AD236WE1, AD236WN1, AD236XE1, AD236XN1, AD249BE1, AD249WE1, AD249WN1, AD249XE1, AD249XN1, AHLG6B1E, AHLG6W1E, AHLG6X1E, AHLN6B5E, AHLN6W5E, AHLN6X5E, AHLN9B1E, AHLN9C1E, AHLN9W1E, AHLN9WA, AHLN9X1E, AHLN9XA, HDR85X1N
  • TEKA NC-90
  • Hygena                                                    
    APP2430, APP2433, APP2434, APP2440, APP2442  APP2410
  • Diplomat ABA2250, ACA2302, ACA2400, ACA2403, ACA2300
  • Diameter: 190mm
  • Pack of 2 Filters
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